Micropenis: Causes, Diagnosis, Measurement of Penis, Myths, and Treatments.

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Usually, men do worry a lot about the size of the penis. The size of the penis is one of the major concerns in men and they wish their penis was bigger. According to the NHS, an internet-based survey 45% of the men will like a larger penis. There is an actual condition for the penis which is less than the normal size that is called the Micropenis.

What is Micro Penis?

Micropenis is a medical condition when the stretched penile length(SPL) is less than 2.5 standard deviations below the mean of the male’s age. In men, if the Stretched penile length is less than 3.6 inches then it is said to be a Micropenis as the average stretched penile length(SPL) for adult men is 5.1 inches according to a study conducted. Stretched penile length(SPL) is measured when a flaccid penis is elongated by pulling it slightly and is measured from the base of the penis to the top of the glans.

Micropenis is a rare condition and it has been estimated that only 0.6% of total men in the world have this condition. Some men do think they might have Micropenis which is not the case as they are just self-conscious about it.

 Micropenis can cause a number of sexual problems for men who have them and can cause a lot of insecurity in men regarding their size and also problems in relationships. In some men, this condition can impact fertility by causing a lower sperm count.

Micropenis functions exactly as a normal penis like urinating and ejaculating. One wouldn’t get this condition by age or suddenly it is just present at birth due to various reasons.

Causes of Micropenis

  • The main cause of micropenis is due to fetal testosterone deficiency which can be the result of various conditions. 

The major condition which can cause micropenis is Hypogonadism which is a lack of fully developed testicles in male.

  • Hormone disorders can cause abnormality in hormones which can lead to testosterone deficiency cause Micropenis. 
  • Micropenis may also be found with genetic syndromes that can cause other malformations.
  • Hormonal imbalances can cause the penis not to grow in the way it should be growing.
  • In some very rare cases, it is idiopathic, which means that a doctor cannot find a specific cause.

Diagnosis of Micropenis

The main diagnosis of Micropenis is done by physical examination of the patient’s external genitalia by measuring the penile length by the doctor to allow further treatment options.

The length measure is then compared to the normal length range of the boy’s age. The chances of treatment are better if it is diagnosed in infancy.

The doctor can refer you to a pediatric endocrinologist who can check the levels of the hormones and also for any hormone disorder in the body so that they can accordingly decide the treatment to follow and also.

Measurement of the penis and comparing with Micropenis

It’s important to compare the size of the Micropenis with the size of the normal penis to get a good idea about the Micropenis, So let’s get down to it

The average stretched penile length in adults is about 5.1-5.2 inches. If the Stretched penile length in adults is less than or equal to 3.6 inches then it is classed as Micropenis.

So the average stretched length in an adult is about 13.3 cm and for a micropenis stretched length is about 9.3 cm.

Myths and Mistakes about Micropenis

Micropenis functioning does not deviate from normal penis functioning. The functioning like urinating and ejaculating is exactly the same. Small penis syndrome is usually mistaken for Micropenis. Small penis syndrome is not a physical condition as it’s just anxiety about one’s own penis size where they feel it is too small and lower their self-esteem.

There is a belief that if you don’t have a bigger penis then you are not a real man which is absolutely wrong because most men do not have an idea of the normal size mostly due to pornography.

 Porn has played a major role in men for sex education and porn actor’s penises aren’t the true reflection of the normal size of a penis.

Treatments for Micropenis

The treatment of the Micropenis condition depends on the cause of the condition and then it can be treated accordingly

Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone treatment is a short course treatment if the Micropenis condition is caused due to fetal testosterone deficiency. Testosterone can be given with an intramuscular injection in a particular site in the body or can be applied around the area as a gel to boost it.

This treatment tests the ability of the penis to respond to the testosterone hormone. The penile grown with testosterone treatment is quite significant in many infants but there isn’t enough proof whether it continues to grow in adulthood and adolescence. Testosterone treatment is more effective before puberty than later on.

Topical 5-a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Gel

If the testosterone treatment wouldn’t work out then we can opt for the application of DHT gel. It has been shown that the application of DHT gel to the perirectal region has increased the penile length and an acceleration in genital development in male infants. According to a study conducted it has been shown an increase of 120% in penile length in some of the newborn cases.

It is suggested to apply the gel 3 times a day and a minimum of 2-3 months to observe a significant result in the penile length. The side effects are very minimal like minor skin irritations.

LH-FSH Application

Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) during the initial years of life can increase the size of the Micropenis by increasing the testicular growth. This growth in size is not so significant but can be effective in the long run for males suffering from  Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism.

Ideally, it is suggested to take the recombinant human LH and FSH subcutaneously along with testosterone injection twice a week for a duration of 6 months to see a significant increase of the testicular volume and increase in the penile length

The usual side effects of this treatment are an increased amount of body hair, intermittent vomiting, and increased pigmentation.


Surgery is only considered when medical treatments don’t work out for Micropenis as the surgery is quite complicated and comes with a lot of side effects. The surgery is quite more common in adults than in infants.

The doctor may put an implant in the penis which can make it look bigger and larger than before. If one is considering surgery for Micropenis then you should understand the risk, complication, and benefits of the particular situation.

Coping up with this condition can be a bit difficult so psychological counseling and social services can help the patient emotionally.