Why do women want to connect?

1 minute

Your woman’s invitation to heat things up is probably flying over your head.


Because it’s disguised as a “connection.”

It’s hiding in those moments she says, “I just want to feel connected to you.” and instead of taking this golden opportunity to be your most divine masculine self, you say something like,

“What? But … we’ve been together all DAY.”

Sound familiar? Yeah, I hear this a lot.

You are not alone in missing her cues to stoke her flame of love.

That’s why, in today’s video, I break down exactly what she MEANS when she asks for “connection” …

I discuss exact ways you can become more present, align with her needs, and make her feel seen and loved.

Because once you accomplish this, my friends, she can become her most feminine self, open up, let you in, and enjoy the steamiest way to connect of all.