Will sex increase Immunity?

In the times of corona(COVID-19), most people are worried about their immunity and it is the only thing that can cure Corona.

Many people are trying different types of foods to increase their immunity. But is food the only thing that can help in increasing Immunity? No, Experts are saying along with foods, there many things that can help in building our immunity. 

The one thing that can have an impact on our immunity is our lifestyle. So let us discuss what kind of lifestyle can help in building immunity


How many of you know that the impact of Exercising on immunity is the same as the impact of food on immunity? Yes, that is true exercise helps as much as food in increasing immunity. Doing exercise daily helps in the production of white blood cells which fight with the germs and viruses that enter our body. Half an hour of exercise daily can help in increasing the blood flow to the heart as well.


Sleep is the most important part of life and sleeplessness can cause imbalances in physical and mental health. Sleeplessness can cause damage to our immunity as well. While we are sleeping our immunity system produces a cytokine protein that fights with infections and viruses.


Stress can be caused by many reasons, it might be professional, personal, or even our lifestyle can cause stress. Long-term stress is not at all good for our health because stress releases cortisol hormones which makes our immune system weak. So, reduce your stress and be happy and healthy.


With increasing age, our immunity system weakens, and the cells in our body as well. So it takes more for generating new cells. So for having a better immune system in your old age you should practice healthy habits from a young age.

Have Sex at least 2-3 times per week

Now we are coming to our main question, Will sex increase immunity?

Sex not only makes the relationship strong but also helps in increasing the immunity power in both men and women. According to a study, compared to couples who don’t do sex most often, the immunity power is more in couples who participate more often in sex. Immunoglobulin A is produced in couples who participate more often in sex which helps in increasing the immunity power. So participating in sex can help you in increasing your immunity power during COVID-19.

Nutritious Food

Along with the above lifestyle habits, nutritious food is also one of the important things that help in building immunity power. Taking foods that have vitamin – c will help in strengthening our immune system. Along with those foods that contain antioxidants, proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals will also help in strengthening our immune system.


So not only food but our lifestyle and sex can also help in increasing immunity power. So having good sex is always an important thing in life.

One more important thing is never to neglect sexual issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, Discuss it with your partner, and Consulting a doctor in that situation might help in treating those situations.

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