Why you shouldn’t use Vacuum Erection Pumps? ( 8 disadvantages or side effects reported by users)

Most of the men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction think vacuum erection pumps don’t have any side effects or disadvantages and use them instead of pills or any other treatments.

But they too have some side effects and disadvantages. Here are the side effects or disadvantages stated by patients who used them to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

1. Timing

Timing is Everything in the bedroom. If you miss the timing, your partner might lose interest in participating in sex. 

With Vacuum erection devices you can’t get the erections immediately, you need to use it at least 30 mins before intercourse. 

Let us think you thought of having sex and used a Vacuum erection device and have lost your erection during the foreplay. What are you going to do? Is your partner going to wait with the same interest till you regain your Erection with a Vacuum Erection device? No, it’s not going to happen, she loses the interest to have sex with you.

So, timing is very important while having sex. You have to do the right things at the right time to have a satisfactory sexual experience.

2. Erections aren’t natural

Most of the guys and their partners reported that the erections aren’t natural and they felt it while having sex. Erections are so much harder than required.

This feeling can cause discomfort in you and your partner ruining your beautiful session.

3. Difficulty  in Ejaculation

Most of the men experienced difficulty in the time of ejaculating. They experienced pain while ejaculation and felt sperm is trapped inside the penis causing difficulty in ejaculating.

Ejaculation is the final and vital part of sex which gives satisfaction for both men and women. Feeling difficulty in it ruins your and your partner’s sexual experience.

4. Numbness

Some of the men using Vascular Erection pumps to treat Erectile Dysfunction experienced numbness while having sex. This means they didn’t even feel that they are doing sex which ruins the experience of having sex.

5. Red dots on Penis

Men have observed pin-point sized dots on the penis due to internal bleeding. This not only causes pain but also makes partners feel discomfort during foreplay or oral sex.

6. No stability in the Erection

Almost 90% of the men experience no stability in the erection causing pivoting of their penis while penetrating. This is caused because the erection caused by Vacuum erection pumps starts from the top causing no stability at the base.

7. Pain or bruising while using

Due to the suction pressure, most of the men experienced pain which caused losing interest in having sex.

8. Messy with Lubricant

Due to suction pressure, if you use lubricant it can cause some messy feeling losing interest in sex.


Above all the disadvantages and the side effects are users reported. Clearly, it shows that Sex isn’t that fun using Vacuum Erection Devices. Keeping aside the short term side effects of Erectile Dysfunction pills they work effectively for most of the people.

You can always contact licensed online physicians and clinics like “The ED Clinic” for erectile dysfunction solutions.

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