Why is Erectile Dysfunction On The Rise In Young Men?

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Erectile Dysfunction is the inability of a man to get or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse and is one of the most common sexual problems seen in men who are above 40 years of age. Older men often suffer poor penis health and performance issues due to underlying physical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, which affect the circulatory and nerve systems of the body, inhibiting erections.

But in recent times there is a steady increase in the cases of erectile dysfunction among young men from the last decade or so. Young men may experience physical health problems that impact performance in the bedroom, often the cause is found elsewhere.

Erectile dysfunction can originate from several different causes. Some of them are tightly connected with health and physical well being, while others have much to do with psychological reasons and lifestyle habits in younger men. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction may occur as a result of potassium deficiency. Potassium is important in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance in the body and any kind of deprivation in it can cause problems with erection.

The reason for the rise in Erectile Dysfunction cases in young people is due to modern lifestyle practices. Here are some of the reasons for the rise in Erectile Dysfunction cases in young people:

1. Lifestyle habits

As we stated above the number one reason for ED in young men is the lifestyle they lead today. Consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, etc. along with smoking cigarettes is something that contributes to the onset of ED in young men.

Alcohol causes blood vessels to open throughout the body. This means that the blood rushing into the penis to cause an erection is susceptible to running right back out, leaving a man deflated.

Drugs and alcohol depress nerves’ ability to pick up on sensations. It’s hard to get hard when a guy isn’t sensitive downstairs.

 College going men are especially susceptible to being exposed and pressurized to trying out these habits, which leads to long term addictions.

2. Stress

Stress-related to jobs, money, and other life events can contribute to ED, due to the release of cortisol. The increase of cortisol level will eventually decrease testosterone levels in the body which directly affects the erection of the individual. The hemodynamic and neurological changes caused by mental stress can contribute to ED.

3. Bad Training

Men who regularly masturbate are simply teaching their penises to respond to a certain kind of stimulation. This is not a concern with most men. But some men masturbate in such a way that, when it comes to real context with an actual partner, their penises do not respond sexually, and that’s a concern.

Any method of self-pleasuring that is not likely to be mimicked in a real-life encounter with a partner can cause erectile dysfunction. If a man has full performance ability on his own but can’t perform with a partner, he should consider whether his self-pleasuring habits should be continued.

4. Porn

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED) is one of the main reasons for ED in younger men. Porn becomes your brain’s way of relating to sex and it’s hugely problematic because making love to your laptop avoids all the social nuances and physicality of having sex. Porn not only contributes to unrealistic sex expectations, but it may also mean that you get used to self-stimulation and become less sensitive to the pleasures of intercourse.

With porn, you’re going from video to video, and from new person to new person, which is highly arousing. When you try to translate that into real life with one single person, that relationship can decrease its value in terms of novelty and excitement and become less arousing.

5. Exercise 

Lack of exercise is another reason that leads to impotence in young men. Lack of exercise will deplete the testosterone levels in the body which will, in turn, lead to Erectile dysfunction. Lack of exercise can also cause obesity which is a risk factor for Erectile Dysfunction.

6. Diabetes

An ever-increasing number of men are starting to suffer from diabetes at a younger age, especially in countries like the United States. The connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction is well documented. 

The National Institutes of Health explains that men who have diabetes have poorer regulated blood sugar. This can lead to damage to smaller blood vessels and nerves, which can then damage the overall blood flow in the body, resulting in erectile dysfunction.

7. Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety related to their sexual prowess, size of their organ, unrealistic expectations and peer pressure is another cause of temporary impotence. It’s simply difficult to experience attraction and focus during sex when a man’s mind is distracted by the negative thoughts and feelings associated with his condition.

8. Relationship problems

Another source of ED that manifests only with a partner is a relationship issue. It can be hard to have a good sex life with one another if there is a breach of trust between partners, or if unresolved problems are looming between the partners.

9. Cycling too much

Spending many hours on a bicycle is also considered risky for men. Men who cycle more than three hours a week are at the greatest risk since a narrow saddle seat puts significant pressure on the nerves and arteries located at the root of the penis. This leads to their injury, numbness, pain, and even temporary erectile dysfunction.

Along with addressing all potential reasons for ED, young men should do well to take the best care of their penises possible. This requires proper hygiene and attention to any skin issues that may crop up. The penis experiences no shortage of friction throughout the day, and men should keep apprised of their skin condition.

The factors mentioned above can all contribute to the early onset of ED in young men. The main problem is that younger men are much less likely to seek medical help or counseling to correctly diagnose and treat their condition when compared to older men. The reason for this is the stigma attached to impotence.

The macho persona that young men like to project does not encourage them to confess to having erectile dysfunction. This is a shame because their illness is very treatable, and also that, there is no reason to struggle mentally or emotionally.

 All they need to do is get in touch with a sexologist or online clinics like “The ED Clinic”  who will be able to treat them with the right combination of medication and counseling and protect their privacy.