Where to Touch a Woman to Make Her Horny?

Women and men are different in terms of sexual stimulation as Both men and women have a variety of erogenous zones or locations that are particularly sensitive to touch and when stimulated, produce pleasurable sensations that can lead to increased sexual arousal. Women can play around with your gun and you are ready to take some strong shots. On the other hand, men cannot just sneak their fingers in women’s cookie jars and expect them to be ready to serve. It might have worked with your ex but women are different and it takes only the experienced men to realize it. Most women will tell you that their partners focus on touching the wrong areas to make them horny and sometimes they don’t want to hurt your feelings so they pretend to be horny; the sex will not be that exciting compared to when they are actually horny. We will teach you where to touch a woman to make her horny so that she can give you 100% in bed.

Inner Thighs

Use your fingertips to trace the outline of your partner’s thighs, delicately exploring the area near the vagina. If you’re willing to be patient, shy away from direct vaginal or clitoral contact at this point. This will increase the effectiveness of actions later on. Be sure to focus on using a light touch here. Imagine that you’re gently brushing a canvas with a paintbrush.

Palms of the Hands

Rubbing the palms of your partner’s hands provides you with a unique opportunity to stimulate a popular erogenous zone while continuing to kiss the lips, face, ears, and body. Gauge your partner’s response to your actions carefully.

Although a delicate touch may be ineffective, pressing too firmly on the palm of the hand may be painful. As with the majority of the erogenous zones, the right touch varies depending upon the individual in question.

The Nape of Her Neck

The neck is one of the woman’s erogenous zones. You can stimulate this particular area while also focusing attention on the earlobes and scalp. When you are touching her neck region to make her horny you have to involve a series of actions and be keen on her responses. Almost every woman has a hypersensitive spot around their neck and when you are attentive to her responses it is easy to locate it. Your tongue is smooth, moist, and you can easily use it to focus on a spot. The reason you should use your mouth is that as you breathe while caressing her with your tongue the hot air sends chills down her spine and the tongue stimulates the rest. You can be more daring and take light bites on her neck to mix a little pain and passion.

The Clavicles

The clavicles are definitely one of the more neglected erogenous zones on the female anatomy. Use your fingertips and tongue to gently massage your partner’s clavicles.

If you are using your tongue, you’ll have the ability to use one or both of your hands to caress the breasts and back, both of which are guaranteed to increase physical desire.

The Pelvis region

Use your fingertips to lightly caress the lower stomach and hips, tracing your partner’s hip bones with your hands. There’s a good chance that, if your intimate moment progresses further, you’ll be revisiting this area, but you can also devote time to the pelvic region without engaging in heavier foreplay or sex.

If you’re doing this correctly, you’ll probably observe goosebumps forming on your partner’s arms and legs. The slower you move, the more tantalizing these motions will be.

If you’re feeling bold, move your hands delicately across the pubic region, avoiding direct contact with the clitoris or vagina. This can be a particularly effective precursor to oral sex.

Run Your Hands Gently Through Her Hair

Run your hands through your partner’s hair, ensuring that your fingertips come in contact with the scalp. This scalp is one of the more neglected areas on the body during physical intimacy. That being said, it remains an especially sensitive area and, when stimulated, is guaranteed to increase arousal.

Be sure to move slowly in order to reduce the possibility of accidentally pulling or tugging on hair, which can become painful and uncomfortable.

Use your fingernails to gently caress the top of your partner’s head, ensuring that you come into contact with the entirety of the scalp. This functions as an excellent precursor to further foreplay.


If you’re passionate about providing pleasure for your partner, you’re probably interested in exploring all of her body. Through communication with your partner, you can learn more about what brings her pleasure, allowing you to ensure rewarding intimacy over time.

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