Where to touch her?

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Women and men are different in terms of sexual stimulation and making your partner horny. We can play around with your gun and you are ready to take some strong shots. On the other hand, men cannot just sneak their fingers in our cookie jars and expect us to be ready to serve. It might have worked with your ex but women are different and it takes only the experienced men to realize it. Most women will tell you that their partners focus on touching the wrong areas to make them horny and sometimes we don’t want to hurt your feelings so we pretend to be horny; the sex will not be that exciting compared to when I am actually horny. I will teach you where to touch a woman to make her horny so that she can give you 100% in bed.

Touch her mind

Making a woman horny does not have to be a mission to die trying because it is very simple than most men think. We can multi-task and that means we can listen to you, think about our business, and also think about that friend who back stubbed us. When our minds are not settled then it will be a challenge to make us horny no matter where you touch. Public places work magic if you want to touch a woman’s mind and make her horny. Get her in the mood by flirting and talking dirty to her in public. The more she suppresses her desires to pounce on you and rip off your clothes the more stimulated and horny she becomes. Once you get in a private place, you will not need to do more touching you just need to be ready to quench the thirst you stirred in her.

The neck region

The neck is one of the woman’s erogenous zones. When you are touching her neck region to make her horny you have to involve a series of actions and be keen on her responses. Almost every woman has a hypersensitive spot around their neck and when you are attentive to her responses it is easy to locate it. Your tongue is smooth, moist, and you can easily use it to focus on a spot. The reason you should use your mouth is that as you breathe while caressing her with your tongue the hot air sends chills down her spine and the tongue stimulates the rest. You can be more daring and take light bites on her neck to mix a little pain and passion.

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