What is Penile Injection? What are the best practices and Best sites for Penile Injections?

What is penile injection?

Penile injection is a therapy technique that helps you get an erection if you are having Erectile dysfunction(ED). The process involves directly injecting the medication into the erectile tissue in the penis which helps in erection by opening the blood vessels in your penis.  The medication increases blood flow and causes the blood vessels in the penis to widen and dilate. It causes erections that last up to 60 minutes. This might sound a bit odd to inject directly into your penis but this is one of the best treatments to cure ED.

Why do men need Penile Injections?

Penile injection is suggested for ED when medications like viagra or others do not help in maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse. The reported success rate of injection therapy is also high.

What medicines are injected into the penis?

The common medications which are used for penile injection are Trimix, Bimix, and Papaverine. Carvaject is one of the FDA approved medications available. These are injected into the side of the penis to produce an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. The most common medication being Trimix as it is widely suggested by Advanced practice providers(APP) as it contains alprostadil.

Best Site for Penile Injections?

The best site for injection is at the 9-11 and 1-3 o’clock positions in the Corpus cavernosum, between the base and mid-portion of the penis. Avoid the midline because of the potential for injury to the urethra and the penile arteries and nerves. Avoid any visible veins or arteries on the surface and inject directly into the penis near the base of it.

How to do a penile Injection?

  • Step 1: Wash your hands properly and keep your penis clean as hygiene is important.
  • Step 2: Keep the bottle of trimix cold and take out alcohol and syringe along with it.
  • Step 3: Insert the needle through the rubber top of the trimix bottle and turn it upside down.
  • Step 4: Pull back on the syringe plunger in a slow and steady motion until the prescribed dosage is achieved.
  • Step 5: Tap the side of the syringe to allow any air bubbles to float towards the needle. Avoid having these air bubbles in the syringe when self-injecting by first injecting out the collected bubbles that may form. Remove the syringe from the bottle.
  • Step 6: Grasp and pull the head of the penis toward the side of your leg with the index finger and thumb. While maintaining light tension, select a site for injection, and clean the area with alcohol.
  • Step 7: Penetrate the skin with the needle at a 90-degree angle steadily. The needle should then be advanced to the hub.
  • Step 8: Inject the Trimix for about 4 seconds. Take out the needle from the penis and apply compression to the injection site for approximately 1 minute. Several minutes of compression may be required to avoid bleeding.

Best practices for doing self penile injection?

  • Avoid any visible veins or arteries on the surface and inject directly into the penis near the base of it.
  • Hold pressure for exactly one minute.
  • Never inject at the top or bottom of the penis.
  • Always be cautious to keep the injecting area clean by wiping it with alcohol.

Side effects of penile injections

The possible side effects include prolonged erection( more than 4 hours) which is known as Priapism, slight swelling at the injection site, and penile pain.

Overall Penile injection therapy is one of the most effective treatments for Erectile dysfunction if one is comfortable with injections and also if the oral medication for ED does not work out.

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