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There are potentially numerous reasons one could have Erectile Dysfunction (ED), so let’s breakdown some of the biggest ones. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a sign of a bigger physical problem with the cardiovascular or nervous systems. Conditions like a previous stroke or ongoing central nervous system conditions like Parkinson’s or dementia can come into play here. Since it is unlikely these conditions can be resolved easily, simple oral Erectile Dysfunction (ED) meds can be an effective treatment, assuming the patient has no other complications.

A true venous leakage issue in the penis or groin can sometimes lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), although this is pretty uncommon. Standard conditions like hypertension and hypercholesterolemia can also contribute to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) problems. If the patient has been diagnosed with diabetes (mostly type 2) this could be contributing to Erectile Dysfunction (ED), even if they are currently being treated and keeping blood sugars balanced. Interestingly, a common blood pressure medication, lisinopril, has been known to reduce testosterone, which could also lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). So lowering blood pressure can sometimes be helpful here, some meds are better than others when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

There are medications that reduce testosterone specifically like spironolactone which can be responsible for Erectile Dysfunction (ED). As well many anxiety and depression meds including welbutrin, MAO inhibitors, SSRI’s and lithium have been known to complicate the ability to get an erection. Of course, excessive alcohol or tobacco consumption can cause Erectile Dysfunction (ED), so patients may want to check lifestyle first before engaging in additional treatments.

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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction(ED)? (Part 2)

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