Part 2:

Although men often do not want to talk about it, there are many psychological aspects to erection quality and sexual health. I cannot tell you how many men have come into my office and complained about just not being into “it” anymore. Stress is most certainly a huge factor here, as stress can reduce testosterone production, no matter what age you are, and lead to Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Some simple stress reduction tools could improve Erectile Dysfunction (ED) for sure. And while stress relief may lead to better erections, it is also likely that relationship troubles or differences reduce desire and While severe psychiatric conditions can certainly be responsible for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), this is pretty uncommon in general medicine. Far more commonly seen is general depression and anxiety, and these can just as easily cause erection difficulty.

More intense neurological conditions like Parkinson’s, general dementia, or complications such from a stroke are known to sometimes impair the ability to get an erection. Coincidentally they are also more likely to be present in older men, just like Erectile Dysfunction(ED), so they do run alongside each other. When neurological impairment (nerve damage) occurs from trauma or nerve death, this is a time when we would see something like Trimix be an effective method for Erectile Dysfunction(ED) treatment.

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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED)? (Part 3)

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