What Can Be Done About Erectile Dysfunction(ED): Injectable Meds

While oral medications for ED are the typical first-line treatment and certainly the most prevalent treatment for this out there, they are not the only treatment out there.  The most common alternative therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are injectable ED Meds. While that may sound a touch scary, it is actually quite safe, effective, and immediate, 3 things all patients are looking for.

Typically a compounded medication called Trimix is used in this space, but other meds like Caverject, Bi-mix, Quad-mix, and others do exist.  Trimix is so called because it is a mixture of three ingredients or three medicines to get the result of a satisfying and long-lasting erection, phentolamine, papaverine, and prostaglandin/alprostadil.  The end goal is the same as oral meds while the path to get there is a bit different. The primary active ingredient in creating blood vessel dilation is prostaglandin, while the other two meds generally are there to hold that medicine in place and have slightly less blood vessel dilation activity.  These medicines are typically found in a liquid form that is then injected into the corpus cavernosum (the shaft) of the penis. By applying the medicine directly to this area the blood vessels immediately begin to dilate creating an erection. Typical appropriate dosing will lead to an erection in 5-7 minutes most likely.

This link will show proper technique:

The good news about trimix is that arousal is not necessary, unlike oral meds, which can work great but only if the desire for an erection exists.  Trimix works regardless, assuming the correct dose was used and applied properly. In terms of safety, trimix is arguably safer than oral medications.  While those meds have to contend with the internal circulation and potential full body effects of the medication, trimix is targeted to only the area that needs it and does not go anywhere else.  Patients that have an inability to use oral meds or know they simply do not work have a solution now. Trmix does have some restrictions though. Once cannot use it more than once in a 24-hour period or more than 3 times in a week.  This it to protect the tissue of the penis and prevent scarring or tissue changes as a result of repeated injections. In rare instances patients have developed Peyronie’s disease from trimix usage. Peyronie’s is a condition that creates an intense placquing and scarring in the tissue of the penis which results.

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