What are the common male sexual problems?

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Sexual health is a vital part of man’s life, no matter his age, civil status, or sexual orientation. It is also an important part of a relationship foundation and contributes to the quality of life. Sexual problems in men are very common. Many problems with sexual health can be treated. Therefore, it is important for a man to discuss these issues with a physician. Here are the most common problems men face.

Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

“The inability to attain and/or maintain a penile erection sufficient for satisfactory performance.”

ED is becoming a bigger topic in a medical sense. But what is it? Strictly defined, ED or erectile dysfunction, is the inability to attain and/or maintain a penile erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. This could mean a frank inability to get an erection or, more likely, the erection is not the same quality it once was. In general, this tends to affect men more as they age, but this issue does not have an age limit.

Premature Ejaculation(PE)

Premature ejaculation (PE) is when ejaculation happens sooner than a man or his partner would like during sex.

There is no fixed time that a man should ejaculate. Premature ejaculation is normally considered when you ejaculate within one minute of your penis entering your partner. If it happens occasionally, that is not a worry. But if you regularly ejculate earlier than you or your partner would like, then it is an issue to think about.

Delayed Ejaculation

     Some men find that they can only reach orgasm (come) and ejaculate after long periods of stimulation, even though they have a normal desire and a normal erection. Some men cannot ejaculate at all. This may or may not cause problems or embarrassment.

You may have delayed ejaculation if:

  • you cannot ejaculate when you want to for 30 to 60 minutes
  • you cannot ejaculate at least half the times you have sex

Delayed ejaculation can be a temporary or lifelong problem. It is normal for some men to experience it from time to time. It is only a problem if it is worrying you or your partner.

Dry Orgasm

A dry orgasm, also known as orgasmic anejaculation, happens when men orgasm without releasing any sperm. They still have the feeling of having an ejaculation (coming) but no semen comes out. Either there is no semen produced, or the semen travels backward into the bladder instead.

Depending on the cause, dry orgasms can simply be a temporary occurrence or last permanently. Dry orgasms aren’t necessarily a serious health issue and may impact you if you’re trying to have children.

Loss of Male Libido

Not having much sexual desire or interest in doing sex is called “Loss of Male libido”.It is very common for people to lose interest in sex from time to time.

Your libido can rise due to things like relationship pleasures, good health, fitness, holidays, and relaxation.

Your libido can fall due to things in your life like relationship problems, the birth of a child, stress, overwork, or personal issues. It can happen as men age.

Prolonged Erection

Prolonged Erection also known as priapism is a condition where the erection lasts more than what is required. This unwanted erection may or may not be caused by sexual arousal, is usually very painful and can last for 2 hours or longer.

Priapism is a medical emergency. The sooner you treat it, the less risk that the penis will be damaged. If it’s not treated within 24 hours your penis may be permanently damaged and you might have trouble getting an erection in future.

For all the problems above, consulting a doctor is going to solve them but most of the men are not open to discuss their sexual issues with the doctor or their partners. 

The reason for this is the stigma attached to impotence.

The macho image that they want to portray does not lend them to admit to suffering from sexual issues. This is a pity because their conditions are very much treatable and there is no need to suffer physically or emotionally because of them.

All they need to do is get in touch with a sexologist or online clinics like “The ED Clinic”  who will be able to treat them with the right combination of medication and counseling and protect their privacy.