13 Best tips for enjoying sex

Sex should never be an act of two bodies, It should be enjoyed by both men and women involved. Initially, you should know how ready your partner is to make love with you. Everyone wants to enjoy sex but experts say enjoying sex is an art. It’s not guaranteed that a couple having daily sex is enjoying it and couple having it weekly is not, It always depends on How you perform it.

There is always the best sex experience and worst sex experience, But everyone wants to have the best sex experience and enjoy it. Today let us know how you can enjoy your sex and have the best sex experience

1. The willingness of your partner to have sex

As we already discussed, Sex should not be treated as an act between two bodies and it should be enjoyed by both the men and women involved in it. For enjoying sex you should always know “how ready is your partner to have sex with you?”, it’s not like you have the desire to have sex now and you should it, as sex is always dependent, you should always ask for your partner’s willingness. If both of you are ready to have sex, then it is time you can have the best sex.

2. Get Creative

In case if you are still using the same moves as you used to in the early days then it’s time to get creative and spice things up. All of the women get turned on by different things at different times, depending on their mood. So don’t use the old “fall back” when it comes to sex. The nice thing about intimacy is that there are numerous ways to spice things up. Massage, dirty talk, toys, and new locations or positions can help. Whatever you do, aim to keep things fresh.

3. A convenient place for sex

For enjoying sex you should select the place where no one or nothing interrupts you in between the sex. It might be the best cot, bed, and better room which can help you in completing the sex. So you should always select a place where no one and nothing can interrupt you will having sex.

4. Try aphrodisiac foods

Food and sex are two basic human needs. It’s no surprise that people like to combine these two for added pleasure.

An aphrodisiac is any product that stimulates and increases libido. Chocolate, oysters, avocado, red pepper, ginseng, honey, strawberries, and nuts are considered the best aphrodisiac foods. However, according to recent studies, only ginseng has been proven effective in combating sexual problems in men.

All other aphrodisiac foods for women and men contain either substances that improve mood (chocolate and chili peppers), vitamins (honey — vitamin B, avocado — vitamin E, strawberries — vitamin C), and minerals (oysters and nuts contain zinc) that are good for the body.

5. Kiss

Sex should always start with a kiss. A kiss can stimulate the desire of sex in your partner and can make them desperate to have sex with you at that moment. But most people ignore kissing while having sex, and they directly start with the main course but the starters always important to enjoy sex.

6. Foreplay

Mental foreplay is the most effective type of foreplay. Foreplay can include a lot of different things, like kissing, sharing fantasies, or touching one another’s genitals. The purpose of foreplay is to add to sexual excitement, and, especially for women, to help prepare the body for intercourse by increasing vaginal lubrication. Talk and flirt regularly throughout the day, even if it’s just a short text or email. Being attentive and complimenting your spouse often sets the mood long before you reach the bedroom.

7. Dirty talk

Dirty talk is one of the most effective ways to spice things up as the sexiest organ in our body is the brain, and it is where sexual desire originates. This is why dirty talk or talking about sex in a coarse or obscene way is so arousing. Attraction starts in a part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the production of testosterone. The amygdala controls fear. 

Your reaction to dirty words or the very subject of the talk depends on these two regions of the brain, but it’s different in men and women. Why do men like dirty talk? A man’s hypothalamus is bigger and therefore, they’re more sexually active and their libido is higher. 

The amygdala, which allows one to loosen up and reveal secret desires, is activated in the partner and makes them inclined to submission.

8. Begin touch outside of the bedroom

Are you waiting until you hit the sheets to get your hands on each other? If so, you’re doing it wrong. Great sex begins with the small touches. Holding hands, kissing, or hugging throughout the day will put you both in the mood for when you get the chance to be intimate. So don’t wait to get a little handsy. It’ll strengthen your relationship and create an atmosphere of trust and love.

9. Communicate

Research shows that couples who talk about sex together tend to have better sex. You don’t get what you don’t ask for. It can also be helpful to know if the things you’re doing in the bedroom are effective. Communicating with your partner about sex can help you both to more effectively state your needs and let each other know when you are (or aren’t) feeling ready for intimacy. Who knows, it might just improve your overall relationship as a couple.

10. Regular Exercising

It’s a well-known fact that exercise produces endorphins that lift your mood. In addition to having many other health benefits, exercise might also increase your sex drive. When you exercise, the circulation in your body improves including the blood flow to your genitals.

With increased circulation, your mood and sexual desire will improve. Lace-up and hit the gym together for even more benefits before you get moving in the bedroom.

11. Talk afterward

Talking to your partner after sex can improve your relationship. Discussing your fantasies or things you enjoy can benefit your relationship and love life.

If you can engage in frank personal pillow talk for couples, you will see positive effects. All the tips for healthy sex life are quite simple. Be open, honest to your partner, and don’t hesitate to experiment! Together you’ll find the key to the best sex of your life. If you struggle, though, consider going to a therapist together.

12. Don’t Rush

Rush in doing sex is not a good thing and it can cause lots of pain, suffering and can turn down your partner. Slow and Study win’s the race is true in sex. You should always start slow and pace up along with your partner so that both of you can enjoy sex.

13. Climax

Last but most important part of sex. Both the men and women involved in the sex should have an orgasm. The only one getting to climax leaves the partner in disappointment. Women always take more time than men to get to the climax, so men should use the power of the foreplay to reduce the time of getting to climax in women. The couple should continue the sex understanding each until both of them get to climax.

These are 7 things every couple should keep in mind for having better sex and enjoyable sex. Never neglect sex as it is an important part of life.

One more important thing is never to neglect sexual issues like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation, Discuss it with your partner, and Consulting a doctor in that situation might help in treating those situations.

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