What is Testosterone propionate?

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Testosterone Propionate is an injectable hormone medication that is used for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). It is prescribed to safely increase low T levels in those with a diagnosed testosterone deficiency due to aging. This medication is bio-identical, a fast-acting, smaller ester with a two-day half-life. This particular medication was more popular back in the ’60s before longer-acting esters started to take over more as a form of convenience (having to take the medication less often because the half-life was longer).

Propionate testosterone must be injected into a muscle of the body. This is the only way it will be effective. The most popular muscles used for injection are the deltoids, the thighs, and the buttocks. The latter is the most common. Rotating injection sites and never using the same one twice in a row is a way to keep irritation down and comfort higher.

It is the injecting of the medicine intramuscularly and never just under the skin or straight into a vein. This is the only effective delivery method. The Testosterone Propionate injection must be prescribed by a doctor to be used legally. What the prescription will look like will be decided upon after the proper testing is completed. Blood testing will tell the doctor if the person has low T and exactly what they will need to bring their hormone levels up in the system.

When a patient is prescribed Testosterone Propionate and uses it properly, his blood levels will remain balanced regularly and not fluctuate. The medication must be administered more often than some other testosterone medications, but it keeps the hormones leveled and has been proven to be effective.

Testosterone Propionate indications are for those men who are dealing with low T due to growing older. Their body is ceasing to produce as much of the vital hormone as it did when they were younger and hence, their bodies slow down in many ways. This includes stamina, energy, endurance, sexual drive and ability, immunity, bone strength, emotional well-being, mental capacity, healing, and more. Let us talk about the Testosterone Propionate benefits when this medication is used by an accurate diagnosis, prescription, treatment plan, and a physician’s medical supervision.

Benefits of Testosterone propionate

  • Increased Libido
    With decreased libido being one of the most concerning side effects associated with decreased testosterone production, a huge benefit of the procedure is an enhancement in overall mood and sex drive. Once testosterone enters the bloodstream, the chemical acts to induce libido more quickly and for longer periods at a time.
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
    When the body is at peak testosterone levels, its ability to form muscle tissue and lean muscle mass is much easier. Testosterone therapy mimics this by attaching itself to the androgen receptors of the body, leading to better muscle cell structure and muscle growth. Putting in work at the gym will lead to more noticeable, enhanced lean muscle tissue.
  • Better Recovery Time
    Testosterone is naturally known as a recovery chemical in the body, especially during soft tissue training exercises. With that, an individual can expect testosterone therapy to easily influence and improve the recovery time after heavy workouts or soft tissue injuries.
  • Better sleep
    Low testosterone levels can lead to lack of sleep and sleep apnea. Therefore, it is important to note that testosterone therapy can improve your sleep by balancing your body’s circadian rhythm and overall sleep cycle. This leads to a more fulfilling and quality sleep. Alongside this, it also allows for the individual to fall asleep quicker and to feel a sense of greater well-being.
  • Minimal Side Effects
    Though testosterone propionate has been a subject of controversy in the past for its potential side effects, these side effects are minimal with the help and guidance of a medical professional. Being predisposed to other medical conditions can lead to an increase in negative reactions. Therefore, men over the age of 65 should consider professional advice alongside a series of blood tests and medical exams to ensure that the procedure will have positive effects. However, overall, the most common effect is slight back acne due to the DHT chemical which increases the production of oil in sebaceous glands.

Keeping track of how you are feeling when you are taking your Testosterone Propionate injections is important. We urge our patients to contact their clinical advisors if they feel anything out of the ordinary during therapy. Committing to the process and looking out for your well-being is part of being a part of a responsible course of treatment to get yourself well and in great health.