What is a Testosterone Patch?

Testosterone is an androgen, a steroid hormone essential for males. As mentioned above, the chemical structure of testosterone is based on cholesterol. But the function of testosterone is very different.

It works as a chemical signal in various tissues. It triggers and modulates cellular proliferation. It activates several genes, with a distinct effect across different tissues.

Testosterone is what causes changes in males during puberty. It is also what maintains sexual activity in men during their lifetime. In nature, testosterone is synthesized and released by the testis. It runs through the blood, either free or bound to transporter proteins. It’s one of the most important and crucial hormones in the body. It is a fantastic fat burner, gives us those defined muscles, provides strength and stamina, and is responsible for an amazing sex drive.

Unfortunately, some men don’t have the right amounts of testosterone in their bodies. All of us lose some of it to a degree the more we age, while some are just born with less of it. A few even have dangerously low levels of it due to some disorder.

What is a Testosterone Patch?

There are a variety of testosterone booster products available on the market, ranging from tablets to injectables. However, not all of them are treated fairly; some are more powerful than others. Testosterone Patches are seen as a good alternative to testosterone injections, as not everyone wants to dabble with needles and whatnot!

Patches are applied to a soft area of the skin with a strong blood flow and no hair, such as the inner thighs or the back of the knees. These deliver a slow, steady stream of testosterone to your body through the skin.

The main advantage of patches is that they are easy to apply. And while a doctor’s prescription is still needed for you to use these, you don’t need any follow-up trips to the doctor to get your dose since you can apply them yourself.

There are drawbacks, however. Practically speaking, it is possible for you to forget to apply it every day. Plus there is also the risk of transference – other people getting in contact with the patch that is not supposed to, such as pregnant women.

How much your skin absorbs the testosterone from the patch also varies greatly from person to person. There’s the possibility of the patch getting lose with your body movement, which reduces skin contact with the patch and lowers the amount of testosterone entering your body.

In the end, it is not that reliable nor is it as effective as a full testosterone dose. And that would be the end of it if it weren’t for the host of side effects you can potentially get from these patches.

Side effects of Testosterone patches include

  • Acne: Testosterone increases the production of sebaceous glands in the skin. Glands and pores get clogged and infected, causing pimples. In severe cases, an additional inflammatory reaction takes place. This can cause acne in the skin.
  • Enlarged breasts: This is a common problem in bodybuilders and whenever testosterone is misused. An excessive dose transforms into female sex hormones and causes an enlargement of the breasts.
  • Mood swings: Testosterone can change a man’s behavior and mood. In some cases, external administration can cause mood swings in males. Aggressive behavior is possible, but not found in every situation.
  • A skin reaction: This problem is common if you use a testosterone transdermal patch. The reaction is similar to erythema in the site of injection, featuring redness and sometimes itching.
  • Cough: This side effect can be severe sometimes, so be careful. It happens immediately after receiving a testosterone shot. Talk to your doctor immediately if you experience a cough with difficulty breathing, chest pain, and dizziness.

Although testosterone patches are simple to use and can be very successful, the many negative side effects may be dangerous to one’s health. As you are well aware, no amount of “manliness” is worth sacrificing your wellbeing for!

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