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Why do women want to connect?

women about connection

Your woman’s invitation to heat things up is probably flying over your head. Why? Because it’s disguised as a “connection.” It’s hiding in those moments she says, “I just want to feel connected to you.” and instead of taking this golden opportunity to be your most divine masculine self, you say something like, “What? But …

How to have a clitoral orgasm?

Clitoral Orgasm

Most people believe that quality sex is all about a lot of sex like having sex with multiple partners and men do often boost about how many women they had sex with. But that isn’t true, Quality sex is all about communication, understanding, and considering your partner’s root to pleasure as an equally important one. …

Where to Touch a Woman to Make Her Horny?

Where to touch her?

Women and men are different in terms of sexual stimulation as Both men and women have a variety of erogenous zones or locations that are particularly sensitive to touch and when stimulated, produce pleasurable sensations that can lead to increased sexual arousal. Women can play around with your gun and you are ready to take …

How to get better at sex?

How to get better at sex?

Here is the video for men on “How to get better at sex?”


things that will make her horny

Most of the men struggle to make their partner or a woman horny and look out for some material that can help them in making their partner horny. Here is the video for you to learn things that can make her horny.

10 Myths men believe about women

10 Myths men believe about women

If you unlearn these myths, you’ll get laid 10x more. In this case… What you don’t know can prevent you from getting laid, having a successful long-term relationship, or finding true satisfaction with a woman. In this video, I’m smashing the top 10 myths men believe about women… Myths you might actually believe right now. …

What are her biggest concerns in the bedroom?

Her biggest concerns on bed

Hi guys, it’s your dating and lifestyle coach Annabella Rose. Welcome to another exciting video. I am so excited about today’s topic. Have you ever had that small pause in bed and wonder whether she’s also having fun? If you have had that thought, then trust your gut. She wasn’t having fun, and that’s why …

3 Simple Ways To Give Her Intense Orgasms

Give Her Intense Orgasms

Many men feel confused when it comes to making her cum. It’s a huge blow when you’re trying to get her off and she doesn’t enjoy it. To be honest, it’s a huge blow for her too, because she WANTS you to be amazing in bed. In this video, learn your greatest asset for making …

Women want to be more naughty | Guys must watch!!!

Women want to be more naughty

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s video. Well, today’s topic is rather fun. Talk of music to every man’s ears. Be honest guys, you all secretly crave some boundary-pushing action in bed everyone in a while, if not every time. Bad girls are epic! Any man who has been with one near passes out from pure …

How to Get a Girl Wet (7 Secret Arousal Zones)

Get a girl wet

No matter what, ONE THING needs to happen for you to have great sex. This one thing makes sex physically possible. It’s the goal-post — the GOLDEN STANDARD — for making sure she enjoys romping in the sack… It’s how you know she wants you. What am I talking about? Getting her soaking wet. Because …