19 Standing Sex Positions to try

1. The Sexy V

This position requires acrobatic skills. The woman sits on the edge of a table and then places her legs on her partner’s shoulders. He steadies himself by contracting his butt.

2. The Padlock

The woman climbs on a firm piece of furniture (it can be a desk or a washing machine, for example). The essential thing is that she is sitting on the edge, using her hands as supports. It tightly wraps around your partner’s waist.

3. The Butterfly

Lie on a table. Place your legs on your partner’s shoulders and lift your butt so that it will hold you. 

If you’re ready to move to the next level, try the Paraguayan butterfly position

4. Suspended Union

He stands and suspends her. You are facing him and wrap your legs around him. To get even better, put your feet on the bed or sofa – less strength, more pleasure. Now, he can play with up and down movements.

5. The Great Bear

The woman lies face down on the bed. She leans on her elbows. The man raises his legs to penetrate her.

6. The Vine

The two are face to face. She places one leg on his shoulder and holds it around his neck.

7. The Vigorous President

The woman stands on the bed or chair, the man positions himself behind her, so that his chest touches his partner’s back.

She bends her knees and he grabs her by the butt.

8. The Act of return

Turning her back on her partner, the woman leans over a padded armchair or chair.

The man presses against her from behind and can move his hand between her partner’s legs, slightly apart, and even caress her clitoris.

9. The Tightrope Walker

Standing, the man lifts his partner perpendicular to him, while she rests with one hand on the floor.

The only drawback to this position is that the man must be strong to execute it, but the effort is worth it!

10. The challenge

The woman is standing on a chair, her body leaning forward and her elbows on her knees.

He, from behind, determines the rhythm of the back and forth movements.

Those who meet the challenge to the end, gain extra pleasure.

11. The Wheelbarrow

The woman leans on her forearms and raises her legs, which her partner, kneeling behind her, holds.

This position is tiring, so it will be temporary. Think about what might come next!

12. The Mermaid

She lies on her back on the edge of the bed, a table, or a counter. A pillow under your butt can help you have an impulse. She slides her hands under the buttocks or the cushion.

She can also just let her hands go.

He faces his partner and holds his feet.

13. The Antelope

The man raises his lifemate.

The advantage? This initial position allows partners to penetrate more deeply.

The drawback? It is indicated only for the less heavy and strong men!

14. The Wolf

The man and the woman are standing. She turns her back to him, who holds her hands, keeping her arms straight. She can lean on a table to balance herself.

15. The Cocktail

Standing, the man presses his penis against his partner. If the excitement increases, it can penetrate it. However, there will be no deep penetration with this position, which often requires the woman to tiptoe or put on heels.

16. The Scissors

For this position, women who have strength in the arm have the advantage.

The man lifts his partner’s waist, leaving her left leg between his and lifting his right. Now, he penetrates her while she is suspended.

The woman’s blood flows faster in this direction: guaranteed explosive orgasm!

17. The Right Angle

The woman lies on her back and the man, facing her, can caress her breasts.

This position can be performed on a table.

18. Keeping an Eye on the rear

The two partners are standing, she turns her back …

19. The Wheelbarrow 2

Sort of like the wheelbarrow position, the man holds his partner by the hip.

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