Sex secrets every man should know!

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We all want to have a fun sex experience that is for sure. Therefore, we put in efforts to ensure that we do our best to please both our partners and ourselves. While there are many ways we can learn to enhance our sexual experiences with our partners, we can all appreciate some tips and secrets on how to make our exciting sex lives even better.

Now guys, what better secret source than from the horse’s mouth itself? Who better to give you sexual secrets about women than a woman herself? None of course. Let’s get to it already gent. Here are some of the top sexual secrets that every man should know:


Sensitivity does it for women more than you can imagine. Take it from a woman, guys; women appreciate a sensitive guy who understands them, especially when they are upset. Put your arm around her, hand her a glass of water and hand her a tissue. You will realize that nurturing plays a huge role when a connection is concerned, which lead to a better sexual experience.

Romance counts

Where romance is concerned, most women will appreciate it when you take a more traditionally masculine role. This especially applies in the earlier wooing stage of any relationship. We are perfectly able to open a door or pull a chair ourselves. However, if you see us hesitate, we are most likely waiting for you to be a gentleman. This goes a long way when it comes to a real sexual encounter.