Semen Retention [Why and How men should do it?]

Imagine a fluid so precious that it contains Lifeforce itself, Further, imagine that this fluid is created in all men’s body and the retaining of fluid could lead to sexual and personal superpowers that led to men’s greatest and most powerful achievements beyond their Wildest Dreams. What would you call such a cool? Well, Most of us just call it semen.

What is Semen Retention?

Today let’s talk about semen retention. I’m specifically going to talk about how to utilize this ancient practice to get better at sex, Become more attractive to women and help cure your premature ejaculation or develop endless stamina. Semen retention, In fact, there’s been some suggestion that retaining semen and not having ejaculation on the regular can be sad for a men’s prostate. However, that research is a little shaky either way. I think it’s worthwhile to take a deep dive into this subject because it actually has some ridiculous and slightly hard to believe benefits, but I’ve seen it for myself and I’ve seen it for the men who come to me for treatments. So I’m sharing it with you here.

Semen really does contain not just the DNA that creates life. I mean that’s a given it also contains many of the vitamins and minerals that are the most important for the bodies functioning specifically the bodies nervous System no surprise that it actually takes quite a bit of energy for your body to produce sperm and to produce the liquid that carries sperm in the ejaculate. It’s really important stuff in fact you could make it an argument that it’s the most important fluid to our species and to the continuation of our genetic material. So our bodies don’t spare any energy they put a ton of great high-quality nutrients into that stuff and then it leaves the body in the majority of men who have regular masturbation, regular Ejaculation practice. They Evacuate all those minerals and nutrients out of the body on a regular basis and what happens after you ejaculate you tend to get really tired, Sleepy, and maybe feel a little lethargic and may feel good.

So good, but it also has some immediate and maybe some long term consequences when you do it, very very regularly. So that’s the basis for approaching “Semen retention”, the lesson about some of the reported benefits of doing so and then I’ll tell you exactly how to go about doing it. if it’s something that you want to experiment with it, There are three different areas and benefits of Semen attention.

Benefits of Semen Retention(Sperm retention)

1. physical Benefits

     Some of the physical benefits are,

  1.  Include greater Vitality
  2.  Feeling more energized without as much sleep 
  3. Experiencing more muscle growth 
  4. Experiencing a deeper more masculine voice
  5.  Improve your sperm quality.

2. Emotional Benefits and Mental Benefits

   On a mental and emotional note,

  1.  A lot of men experience reduced anxiety, Including approaching anxiety and performance anxiety, which are crucial if you’re going to get better at Sex.
  2.  They also experience Better memory, Better cognitive functioning, and Better focus.
  3.  They develop important and attractive character traits like self-control, Delayed gratification and Integrity, the ability to do what you say, and then say what you do.
  4.  A lot of men also experience increased motivation, Increased motivation to do the things that they want to do, To start the business they want to start, To start the gym routine that they want to have, and To-Go after the date that they want to get. So there’s a lot of benefits on the mental and emotional side and I would add to that some of the biggest benefits that a man can experience on the mental-emotional side are a stronger sense of self and self-control like you’re controlling your body. In this really deep really like ancient way out something that we have in common with lizards and monkeys and all of our ancestors. And so this is a really important psychological benefit that Taps into something that is just very Very deep in something that is just like totally beyond anything that we can experience just in our regular at the world.

 3. Relational and Spiritual Benefits 

    Finally the spiritual and relational benefits,

  1. Men overall experience More life satisfaction, Work joy happiness feeling, More centered in their purpose feeling more in control of their life.
  2.  And then on the relationship side, women find men who do semen retention and have this sort of self-control to be very attractive. There are a couple of different reasons for that. It’s not going to be any surprise to you that women are not attracted to men that don’t have any self-control. That’s a huge red flag for them that makes them feel like you might be dangerous, especially when you feel you don’t have any self-control over your pleasure and ejaculation. On a subconscious level is a  huge turn off for women because they can feel it when you don’t have any self-control. They can feel that sort of like a predatory kind of creepy vibe. It’s unattractive to them and They don’t even have the Consciousness to say “Oh, that’s what I don’t like about this guy”. Women just don’t like guys that can’t control themselves. They are just a turn off for them. And I don’t mean can’t control themselves like “Oh baby, I’m so attracted to you I can’t control myself. I mean like I’m turned-on and I don’t know how to sit with that, I don’t know how to be turned on and also with a woman it freaks me out” Women can feel that. Semen retention also helps you to develop character traits that women do find attractive again, like Integrity a deep grounded and centeredness like you’re deeply rooted, a Breeze or titty pic on Instagram is not going to blow you over and totally mess up your life. Like women are really attracted to men that are unflappable, confident, Not anxious, Really know themselves, and are really able to be present with her.
  3. Women are also more attracted to men who do not give away their sexual energy and their sexual essence or even see all women as desirable sexual partners. It’s not Discerning to want to give your seed to every single woman it’s it, it might be a good evolutionary strategy at one point if you were like Genghis Khan, but for the majority of men like you should be Discerning on who you’re having sex with and who you even want to be having sex with and that is very attractive to Women. And when a man is 

Discerning, he doesn’t just give it away regularly. Like you’re not to try to do women who just give it away to anyone and everyone right? Because it strikes of someone who is got low self-esteem and doesn’t make good decisions and it’s looking at sex to actually give them something like A new level of consciousness, A level of confidence, A level of self-assuredness that women believe that they ought to just have on their own, and women see someone going to sex to fill those gaps in themselves, It doesn’t feel good and Women are not attracted to them. So anyways major benefits, are you feel better emotionally and physically and women will be more attracted to you. I mean to me that sounds like a win-win win-win-win-win.

So we talked about “why you should consider semen retention?” But what even is semen retention? in short, It is the practice of not ejaculating for extended periods of time. What an extended period of time is? To you, it will be different from what an extended period of time is to him, to her, to anyone else reading us. The most important thing is actually the intention, developing control around your ejaculation and choosing to ejaculate when it is right for you and not just because it is an urge for you and the important caveat is it semen retention does not mean going without orgasms or going without sex and I’ll tell you more about that and a minute and this is not the same as No Fap. 

What is No Fap?

No Fap, which is a movement and a trademark website is actually more about changing your relationship to porn and Ejaculating only with your female partner or male partner, which is different than what we’re talking about. No fap is great for Changing your relationship to porn masturbation, orgasm, and restoring a healthy sexual connection to a partner and semen retention is more about developing a personal growth habit and it requires a whole lot more than just not masturbating.

How to do Semen Retention(Sperm Retention)?

 I’m going to tell you exactly how to do Semen Retention now.

1. Get Your Baseline

 You Gotta know where you are where you’re starting so that you can know where you got to. Now part of your Baseline is How often do you Ejaculate? Are you once a day, twice a day, Three times a day, three times a week, Three times a month, and Three times a year You just have to know. if you’re doing three times a year, You’re probably already doing semen retention on some level. So maybe this article actually is not for you. But I appreciate you hanging out this long anyways, determining how often you ejaculate is going to help you to determine or at least take your best guess at how soon you can expect to see some of these benefits and it’s also going to let you know how deeply you might feel some of the Downsides. Getting your Baseline and keeping data from there is really really important.

2. Expect some difficulties and plan accordingly 

“Semen retention is not simple.” semen retention is not something that can be broken down and just a handful of tips and delivered to you in 20 minutes. I recognize I’m trying to do that to you right now, but I’m also going to give you some resources for your continued support. This is not just something that fits like a business card. This is a way of life. So because this is a change to your way of life just like all major changes, you know, whether it’s like you had a kid or you got a new job. There’s going to be some transitional stuff that comes up and you can expect some difficulties some of the difficulties that you can expect when switching to semen retention are that you’re going to have an excess of energy that used to be put into building sperm and semen and then shooting it out you body on a regular basis. And as I mentioned before this is a huge amount of energy. This is not like a little bit of energy that’s been going to this is like a massive. I mean think about all of your sex drives, all of her Sexual Energy, you don’t just get to decide that that’s gonna go away because I’ve decided to experiment with semen retention because they saw it on the internet. It doesn’t happen that way and thankfully. Right, That’s a really powerful energy. If you deny that energy it’s not going to go away, you’ll just become numb to it or you’re going to get really aggressive and uncomfortable and you to feel like you have to like get this thing out of your body.

Like moral of the story is that you have to have a plan for that energy. You can’t expect it to just Whoop.

One difficulty you can almost 100% expect is that you’re going to find out what role ejaculation was playing in your life as a De-stressor or something that allowed you to numb against your problems. So you’re going to learn exactly what your triggers are and then I want you to see is an opportunity, You’re going to learn what your triggers are, You’re going to learn that when you had a stressful day at work. You just wanted to come home and bust a nut and relax and you’re not going to be able to do that anymore. So you have got to have a plan in place that is going to help you to manage the difficulties in the stress that come along with no longer having your major stress reliever. Now, I’m telling you this because I know that you can handle it. This is going to be a brief period of time that’s dependent on your Baseline and how often you were already Ejaculating, but my friend you can absolutely handle this. This is just some discomfort, it will go away and it’s a huge opportunity because now you’re not gonna numb against your life anymore. You’re gonna actually do something about the job, You’re gonna do something about the girlfriend or the family or Whatever that was causing you to turn to ejaculate to begin With. This is also going to be a time where your brain chemistry is rebalancing because you’re not going to have porn, you’re not going to have an ejaculation, you’re not going to have that same reward and desire cycle that’s been washing your brain with chemicals on a regular basis and so you’re going to experience some difficulties or maybe some Brain Fog, Headaches, there may be some discomfort you might even feel more depressed or anxious for a brief period of time. I promise you to stay with it stick to the course and this is where step 3 comes in.

3. Do something with that energy

I highly recommend first of all that you move your body do short bursts of exercise like Sprints, Lifting really really heavy weights and do this in such a way that you’re actually moving all that energy out of your body and not allowing it to get stuck and to be stagnant. You can also use that energy to go inside and develop a meditation practice. You can also develop a new skill set, Learn how to play a new sport, or build things with your hands that combine both physical activity and mental focus and that’s going to help you to do something with that energy. Remember that Sexual Energy is Creative Energy. So do something that is creative, You can paint, you can draw, you can Garden, You can learn how to cook, and you can watch masterclasses. 

4. Take Good Notes

 Keep track. Keep track of your triggers, Keep track of your Successes, Keep track of everything. If you don’t keep track, you will not have data points to go back to later to see what was going on at the time. I highly recommend a Daily Journal where you keep track of the ups and the Downs, goods and the bads, the feelings that came up for you, the challenges that came up for you. It’s very easy to kind of have high expectations for yourself and a journal helps you to be compassionate and thoughtful towards yourself, it’s really really really important move. I highly recommend it.

 Also, count your days but don’t feel like a failure if you end up ejaculating. I think that having rewards in mind like one week no ejaculation 14 days, 21 days, 30 days without ejaculating those are amazing goals and I want you to celebrate yourself regardless or not. 

If you get them make sure that you set rewards for yourself. So after a certain number of days, maybe it’s only after 48 hours you get a reward you get to do something that you love whether it playing Mario Kart with your friends or enjoying an ice cream cone. Now, I try not to do like sugary things as a reward because listen food is another place that we go to numb and to get comfortable so not ejaculating, But like maybe I’m eating a pint of ice cream so reward yourself with little trades, but don’t let that become your whole reward system because then we’re just replacing one thing with another and I should know I’ve been there.

Approach sex differently

Listen! a very very intelligent man Albert Einstein Said Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. You cannot have sex the same way that you used to, This is critical importance the way that you likely used to have sex was moving you towards ejaculation and little else ejaculation was like the end goal, the Finish Line, the reason for sex’s existence and we’re essentially going to change that which means sex has got to be calm about something more than just erased the Finish Line. woman’s pleasure matters but sex is going to become so much more about Pleasure and less about orgasm and it has to be in order for semen retention to really work.

 The good news is that the changes 

That this will require you to make is going to make sex better for both you and her. You are gonna have to go slower, You’re gonna have to connect with her more, She’s going to experience the power that comes from you not giving away your seed over and over again and that masculine power is going to be so attractive to her in the bedroom.


Semen retention, a lot of benefits physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, You’ll become more attractive to women but that is not the reason for doing it. The reason for doing it is because of the way that you will feel powerful, masculine, in control, Strong. All of these traits that men are desperately looking for everywhere and when you’re not finding them the answer is to go internally and see that you already are them, you already have them.

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