Role of High Blood Pressure in Erectile Dysfunction

A person is said to be suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure if the blood pressure statistics are frequently 140 over 90 or of a greater amount over a period of time. This condition stresses blood vessels and hearts and can lead to health issues, including erectile dysfunction (ED). Male impotence can be treated with PDE5 Inhibitors like Sildenafil, which allow blood to flow at the penile area, which is affected because of hypertension. Even kidneys, liver, and lungs are affected, which indirectly impacts the reproductive system.

Hypertension may even induce cardiovascular disorders related to atherosclerosis, which is a major culprit to male impotence. Here, the ability of blood vessels is affected to carry blood to body parts, including the penile organ. With the assistance of oral tablets, the blood circulation process can be reinstated, and a man can get an erection when aroused, even if affected with hypertension. However, those suffering from the severity of this condition should consider seeking alternatives to ED treatment.

Erectile Process and Hypertension Impacts

The erection takes place due to erotic play, be it psychogenic or physical. The shaft in the penile organ has two chambers of corpora cavernosa spongy tissues, below which lies the chamber of corpus spongiosum. They have a significant role in causing hard-on. The urethra carries urine and semen from the center of these three chambers, which are enclosed by thin tissue sheath. There are small veins, arteries, empty spaces, and smooth muscle fiber in corpora cavernosa.

On arousal, the brain signals the phallus, and its smooth muscles from the chamber relax while arteries dilate. This action allows blood to fill the empty spaces. The gush of blood causes the tissue sheath of chambers to close the veins from letting out blood, leading to an erection. When climax occurs or excitement is ended, the smooth muscles contract and male phallus get back to its flaccid state. High blood pressure does not allow smooth muscles to relax and puts off the process of artery dilation.

How to Treat ED and High Blood Pressure?

When the penile organ does not get the adequate force of blood supply, it cannot stay erect. But, on consuming PDE5 inhibitors, the arteries dilate and erection occurs. Men can visit a physician for getting Erectile Dysfunction treated. Due to hypertension diabetes, weight gain, weakness, fatigue, metabolic syndrome can come into being, which directly affects erectile function.

High blood pressure can be addressed by medications and lifestyle changes. The affected person should not take too many fatty substances, and edibles with cholesterol and high protein content, etc. They should stick to a nutritious diet, and exercise regularly. All such actions will also improve erectile function. If still, the erection is difficult to achieve, then men can take Sildenafil tablets an hour ago intercourse, and achieve penile hard-on for making love. Seek a doctor’s prescribed dose, if hypertension is very severe.

Talking with your physician helps you find the causes for Erectile Dysfunction. Just taking this step will get you on your way to recovery, not only your sex life but your relationship! And remember, no need to worry about your privacy. Clinics like “The ED Clinic”  take full care to make sure all privacy details are just that- Private.

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