How do I avoid erectile dysfunction?

Ask the docHow do I avoid erectile dysfunction?
Dr Nolan Noska Staff asked 3 years ago
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Dr Nolan Noska Staff answered 3 years ago

Probably the best way to avoid developing erectile dysfunction is to try to prevent the conditions that commonly cause it. High blood pressure, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome often are causes of typical ED. These are certainly not easy to prevent entirely, but focusing on a balanced diet with less inflammatory foods and high fiber intake is a good start. Typically being overweight and consuming too much sugar and carbohydrate will lead to metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Dietary change is not a quick fix, however, one needs to focus on balanced calories, exercise, and daily routine to make this change possible. ED can also be mediated but hormonal fluctuation. As men age, the testosterone decreases and this can lead to ED in some cases. Testosterone replacement can sometimes treat this, however, there does not appear to be an easy treatment to prevent testosterone decline as age-related changes are relatively impossible to reverse.