Everything about Proviron: Uses, Dosages, Side Effects and FAQs

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What are Proviron tablets?

Proviron tablets are used in treating low testosterone levels or hypogonadism in men.

It is used to treat only men and shouldn’t be prescribed to women.

What are the available dosages of Proviron?

Proviron is only available in a single dosage of 25 mg and depending on the patient’s condition doctors suggest 1-3 tablets, three times a day.

What is the generic form of Proviron?

The generic version of Proviron is Mesterolone. Mesterolone is manufactured and sold as Proviron by Bayers.

How does Proviron work?

Proviron works by balancing the deficiency of androgen production which decreases on aging. Proviron helps in producing androgen which increases Testosterone.

What are the side effects of Proviron?

Every medication has got some side effects and Proviron has also got some side effects.

  1. Headache
  2. Stunted Growth
  3. Premature puberty
  4. Excessive hair growth
  5. Psychological disturbances like aggression, depression, and increased or decreased energy levels.
  6. Increased sex drive
  7. Breast enlargement

The above side effects are common and you visit your doctor when you notice them and they will go away in the course.

But there are some side effects which need you to visit a doctor immediately or visit an emergency. Such side effects are

  1. Priapism (Prolonged erection), Unwanted erections.
  2. symptoms of an enlarged prostate such as changes in urination, or blood in the urine or ejaculate.
  3. severe stomach pain or tenderness which does not disappear within a short time.

Can Proviron cause Erectile Dysfunction?

No, there is no evidence that proves Proviron triggers erectile dysfunction. It is also used in treating Erectile Dysfunction if the patient’s testosterone levels are low.

Can Proviron cause gynecomastia?

No, studies have shown that gynecomastia can be caused by anti-androgens but Proviron is an androgen. So no studies have shown that Proviron can trigger Gynecomastia.

Can Proviron boost sperm count?

Yes, Proviron can help in improving the quality and the count of the sperms in men suffering from infertility.

Can Proviron cure erectile dysfunction?

Proviron solely can’t cure erectile dysfunction but it can help in treating Erectile Dysfunction triggered by Low testosterone levels or Hypogonadism.

Can Proviron build muscle?

We already know that Testosterone is responsible for building muscles in the male. Proviron helps in increasing the testosterone levels which indirectly helps in building muscles in men.

How much Proviron should I take?

It all depends on the patient’s condition, but basically, doctors suggest 2 tablets of 25 mg three times a day in most of the cases.

To know the dosage one should consult the doctor to avoid the side effects.

What is Proviron used to treat?

Proviron is used in treating

  1.  Hypogonadism.
  2.  Declining physical activity, and mental alertness in middle- and old-aged men.
  3. Potency disturbances due to low testosterone levels
  4. Infertility

Will Proviron help in increasing Libido?

Libido or Sex drive is hormonally driven in both males and females. In the male, it is dependent on testosterone, so increasing testosterone levels boosts libido which can be done by Proviron.