How to Practice Semen Retention?

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What is Semen retention?

Semen Retention is simply not ejaculating for an extended period to operate at your highest potential as a man. The extended period is usually between 90 – 180 days. This can be done by abstaining from sexual activity altogether. However, some people who practice semen retention learn to orgasm without ejaculating, also known as a dry orgasm. Although it seems kind of impossible in this modern world we can assure you that if practicing semen retention can change one’s life forever.

How Does Sperm Retention Work?

We don’t realize this but sperm contains so much life energy and force. It’s life-giving energy and most men would waste it away by watching their favorite porn video every night. As a result, men would become demotivated, filled with guilt, and become anti-social. Why would men approach beautiful women on the street when they can get their rewards from home at a click of a button?

Sperm is life force energy and it needs to circulate in your body. Our bodies contain 8 chakras which are 8 energy centers throughout our body. It begins at the top of our heads and then the ends where our groin is. If our 8 chakras are out of balance, it will cause an imbalance in our lives and lead to various problems such as health.

The idea behind sperm retention is that by holding all this energy in, it will circulate throughout your body and you will project it elsewhere more productively.

Benefits Of Semen Retention


You might have not considered this before but what it means is you choose how you behave rather than being driven by your senses. This is about knowing SELF. When you feel the compulsive desire but when you don’t do it, when you behave in a way that is in alignment with your higher self with what you know is bad for you rather than how you have been conditioned to behave based on your emotion or thoughts, that is when you realize who you are.

Enhanced creativity

Semen is the source of your creative energy. It is what drives you to procreate, since the beginning of evolution that is the force that you have inside to create a new expression of you. What if you could channel that energy within you rather than outside of you and use it to expand what you believe to be possible about yourself right because the source of your creativity is a source of what we are here to do. 

Increased Drive

There are research studies that have been done showing that seven days of semen retention can increase testosterone levels by up to forty-five percent. Testosterone is the driving force behind your drive, ambition. So, after you have the creativity after you have that awareness of who you are then by semen retention you can facilitate the drive to make that happen, to follow through with the behavior.


Once you start the journey of semen retention you will realize I don’t need anything outside of me. What I want to imply here is you don’t need anyone’s approval to feel good. And when you will realize you are everything that you need you won’t look for your happiness. You came to this world alone and will leave alone. It comes down to disciplining yourself.


It is something that is misunderstood in society because you know words don’t have any meaning other than the meaning we give to them. There is a perception, deception going on whereby the meanings of certain words are looked down upon like power is bad. Power simply means ability. 

When you are on a semen retention journey then you begin developing your ability to create results in your life. Because when your mind is working for you rather than against you, then you have controlled your thoughts. Your body is working for you rather than against you. Because you have controlled your senses that is when you have the power to create the life you want. 

Improved Stamina

By practicing semen retention the sperm quality becomes better and the period of sex becomes longer because you do not ejaculate quickly. It will give you and your partner long-lasting and satisfactory results in bed.

How to practice semen retention?

The simplest way to practice semen retention is to avoid sexual activity or masturbation completely, and for some people this is acceptable.

For many others, however, practicing non-ejaculatory sex or masturbation is the preferable option, and this takes a lot of practice and discipline.

The key here is to be able to flex your pelvic muscles very strongly just before you would normally ejaculate, and by doing so, prevent orgasm.

To build these muscles up, contract them regularly (to know where they are, if you stop urinating midstream these are the muscles you are using) for sets of 10, holding and relaxing them for several seconds each time, at least three times each day.

When having sex, concentrate on these muscles and relax all others such as in the buttocks, legs, jaw, and arms. If orgasm approaches, hold perfectly still to calm your body and contract your pelvic floor, putting all your attention on your partner. Pressing your perineum between the anus and the scrotum with a finger can also help. This takes time and practice, so do not worry if you still keep having orgasms whilst learning.

If masturbating, when you start to feel an orgasm building up, squeeze the end of the penis and keep squeezing hard until the urge to ejaculate passes and at the same time flex the pelvic muscles hard. This can be repeated as necessary.

Semen retention is a deeply personal issue and should you choose to try it, always make sure you know your reasons for doing so, and what benefits you hope to gain from it. If it makes you feel better there is no reason why this cannot be continued for as long as you want, but you can also safely stop at any time.