How to Make Her Squirt (Be Legendary in Bed)

Why Make a Woman Squirt? Aside from the fact that it feels uh-maz-ing, I just want to throw in there that it LOOKS cool. She’s ejaculating! It kind of looks like a man’s orgasm. There’s an event that occurs that confirms: ORGASM HAD!

There’s no faking it. You can’t fake a squirting orgasm. It’s the REAL DEAL.

Another reason you should learn how to make a woman squirt: if you can’t last very long in bed or if you weren’t endowed with a huge schlong, you can make up for it by making her squirt. You don’t have to know a bunch of fancy techniques, you don’t have to be an otherwise amazing lover… you don’t have to speak French and chew on roses.

In fact, you don’t have to do much at all if you can make her squirt.

Because if you can make her squirt, you’ll be legendary in the bedroom, and she’ll be begging you for more.

In fact, I don’t know of any other sex technique that can SO QUICKLY escalate you to Sex God status. It results in orgasms so intense that she’ll laugh, cry, and ask you to do it a billion more times. What am I talking about? Making her SQUIRT!

Female ejaculate fluid is NOT urine.

There are a LOT of misconceptions out there that squirting is urine. While female ejaculate fluid sometimes has urine in it, it’s actually liquid from the skene’s gland (sometimes called the female prostate). It comes from the blood, is separated from the red blood cells, and then is released from the body through the urethra (where it sometimes picks up some urine) and squirts out of the body.

It’s not from the bladder, guys. It’s not pee.

It comes through the same channel as urine but from a different gland. It’s liquid that the body exchanges from the blood.

It’s not bad to squirt, it’s not unhealthy to squirt, and it feels great!

No worries here! The skene’s gland is closely associated with the G-Spot. Stimulating the G-spot is key to achieving a squirting orgasm. You can have a G-spot orgasm without squirting, and you can squirt without having a G-spot orgasm, but today we’re going to fuse these things together for the ultimate, most pleasurable experience possible.

One thing you need to know: Set the stage.

A woman’s ability to squirt is very VERY context-dependent. If the context isn’t right, squirting is not going to happen. In other words, she needs to feel comfortable, she needs to be fully relaxed, she needs to be able to have an orgasm, to BEGIN with, and she needs to feel comfortable enough with YOU in order to totally let go.

For some couples, this is possible from the very first time they have sex. The sexual chemistry is there, they’re just in-sync, on-point, they both know their bodies very well, and they’re able to have great sex. But let’s be real. For most of us, sex with a new person can be awkward and you’re still feeling each other out. This is not the best time to go for the squirt.

Alternatively, if you’re in a situation where there’s a lot of pressure: parents or kids in the next room, dirty dishes in the sink, relationship is on the rocks – it might not work. There’s a lot that goes into setting the stage for a woman to squirt.

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