How to increase Penile Sensitivity?

What is Penile Sensitivity?

The penis is one of the most important male reproductive organs and a healthy penis is significant to have a satisfying sex life for both couples. Penile sensitivity or penis sensitivity refers to the response in the body when a penis is touched.

Men with a sensitive penis have a very hard time satisfying their partner as they feel pain in the middle of sexual intercourse. This unusual sensitivity can be really annoying for men and can sabotage relationships. According to a survey conducted by Dailymail, it has been revealed that around 6 out of 10 couples in the united kingdom were not satisfied with their relationship.

The sensitivity of the penis is of different types as the penis can be highly sensitive to touch or it can be very low sensitivity to touch. The sensitivity of the penis can psychologically affect men so can cause severe depression and performance anxiety. The penis normally contains many nerve endings and is normally very sensitive.

The high sensitivity of the penis might lead one to premature ejaculation which is one of the major sexual problems nowadays.

The reduced sensitivity of the penis may be severe enough that it can lead to erectile dysfunction in men and it can result in delayed orgasm or delayed ejaculation or even inability to ejaculate as well.

Low sensitivity of the penis:

The low sensitivity of the penis is a condition where the usual response of the penis to the touch is usually less than the normal response. Low sensitivity is a loss of sensation in the penis and one can feel the coldness in the penis or testicular area. These signs may be potentially dangerous as low sensitivity of the penis can lead to Erectile dysfunction in men.

Low sensitivity in the penis is one of the main reasons for the delay in orgasm even after sufficient sexual stimulation which causes personal distress and sexual dissatisfaction.

Testosterone is one of the main drivers of a man’s sexuality and is responsible for libido which also includes the sensitivity of the penis. Less testosterone in the body means less response and less sensitivity of the penis.

There are many reasons like aging, masturbation, and so on that cause low sensitivity in the penis.

High sensitivity in the penis: 

The high and hypersensitivity of the penis are conditions where the response of the penis to the touch is unusually high and can lead to premature ejaculation in men. As premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men which is prevalent in around 20%-30% of the general population and the major contributor to this premature ejaculation is the high sensitivity of the penis.

Both the hypersensitive and having low penis sensitivity are not good for a good sexual experience. The high sensitivity of the penis can be due to physical injury, chemical injury because of the applications over the genital area, and infections like an HPV infection. The treatment of the condition depends on the cause of the condition.

Numbness of the penis

The numbness in the penis is the total loss of sensation, and it is accompanied by the coldness in it, color change, and loss of sensation in the testicular area. Numbness happens when the nerves or the blood supply to the penis are damaged and is also influenced by the testosterone levels in the body.

For those who suffer from the numbness of the penis, it is suggested to avoid sexual intimacy for a few days until the sensation returns. One can get the sensation back by lifestyle changes like wearing loose underwear and for people sitting for long hours, it is suggested to get a walk for 5 minutes to get the circulation going. There are also different medical treatments to recover the sensation of the penis.

Causes of low penile sensitivity

Injury: Injury to the genital region is the most common cause of sensitivity. Penis fracture and inflammation can lead to the low sensitivity of the penis. The injury can be a physical injury or a chemical injury by application of a certain chemical around the genital region.
Excess masturbation can also injure the penis. The use of a penile pump can also cause injury and decrease sensitivity in glans.

Urinary tract infections: Urinary tract infections may cause discomfort and sensitivity issues in the penis. The discomfort may worsen due to inflammation in the urethra when ejaculating. According to a study conducted in 2020 Urinary tract injections are pretty rare in men.

Balanitis: Balanitis is inflammation at the penis head and it is quite common as it is affected around 5-%10% of the total men in their lifetime. However, Balanitis is one of the causes of low penile sensitivity as the inflammation gradually decreases the sensitivity of the penis.

Phimosis: Phimosis is a disorder arising when the foreskin of the penis cannot completely draw back around the tip of the penis and so the extra friction makes the penis very painful. Due to this repeated pain, this disorder can lead to low sensitivity in the penis.

Testosterone: Testosterone is one of the main reasons for sex drive in men and low levels of this testosterone can lead to loss of sex drive and decrease the stimulation to the genitals. So low levels of testosterone, in turn, leads to the low sensitivity of the penis.

How to increase penile sensitivity?

Increasing the penile sensitivity in the low sensitive penises can partially treat erectile dysfunction issues in the individual. Various methods applied to increase the penile sensitivity are

Lubrication: Lubricants can help in increasing the sensitivity of the penis by reducing the friction and trains it to respond to lighter touches as well. Apply the lubricant or lotion before masturbating or beginning of the foreplay for effective use.

Natural remedies: Use of Vitamin E oil, Shea butter, or cocoa butter are good for moisturizing the penis as they contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E which are best for skin repair and sensitivity. The absorption of these is also way faster and has no side effects to it.
The Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Arginine are great if you have PIED due to death grip. It helps repair tissue damage and damaged nerves, lowers blood pressure, enhances blood flow, and also enhances memory and mental capacities.
Run an ice cube along the shaft of your penis during foreplay so that it will open up the sensitivity on new neural pathways.
Refraining from Sex, foreplay, and masturbation for a while can heal the damaged tissues in the penis and become more responsive to the touch.

Discussing with a partner: If a person is too worried about penile sensitivity then talking it out and discussing it with a partner might help solve the problem mentally and also elevates the relationship. Some people can be benefitted from couples counseling too.


High and low sensitivity of the penis are both conditions to be worried about and the treatment for each case depends on the cause of the condition. There are advanced treatments that are now available to treat both high and low sensitivity of the penis. 

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