How to go down on a woman?

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You have these visions of going down on your woman and driving her wild to the point where her body unleashes one of the greatest orgasms she’s ever had. Your dream is to be able to make this a reality for her. You want to be able to give her this kind of pleasure and you want to be able to do that tonight.

The way your woman perceives oral sex is about to change tonight because you are going to learn how to go down on a woman and how to give her an unimaginable and unforgettable orgasm. You are going to be able to give her shockingly great pleasure and you are going to do just that tonight.

So here are the tips to go down on a woman and give her great orgasms

The first tip in going down on a woman properly is to use more than just your tongue. Men often think of cunnilingus as strictly tongue stimulation. Although that feels great for her and has the potential to make her orgasm, it is not enough to give her that unforgettable orgasmic experience that you are looking for. To give her the kind of orgasm that you want, you have to do more than just lick her.

When you are going down on your woman, your lips can offer her something totally amazing and can really help her to achieve that orgasm that you want her to achieve. Instead of just licking her, you should kiss her down there. Kiss her clitoris like you would kiss her mouth. Go slow and really take your time. This is how you want to start oral sex off on the right foot. Take your time and really caress her with both your tongue and your lips. Kissing her will send chills up and down her spine.

You will want to continue to do this to your woman but you must do some more if you really want to unleash that inner pleasure in her. This is when your fingers come into play to finish the job off right. After all of this clitoral stimulation, her g-spot is going to be so aroused and so swollen that she will be begging for you to touch her down there. She wants your fingers inside of her so give her what she wants. As soon as your fingers enter her, you are going to notice that she will respond so powerfully to that and she might climax right there and then.

Keep up the stimulation on her and that is what it takes to really give her pleasure and to really make her explode. If you want to be the unforgettable lover that she has been waiting for, then you have to use these tips.

Cunnilingus tips

The Warm-Up

Just like you shouldn’t go straight into penetrative sex, you should never go straight between her legs. It’s important to warm up your partner beforehand. Getting her in the mood for sex and making her feel relaxed is the first step towards giving her an orgasm. If she is feeling tense and self-conscious then you will have difficulties.

To make your partner feel comfortable you need to have a sensual touch. Feeling the curves on her body and kissing her neck is a great way to make her feel desired. Moving your body close to her will also help proceedings.

Working Her Labia

It’s important that you give the whole vagina attention when performing oral sex. If you hold her labia together, then you’ll find it easier to lick her whole vagina. It’s always a good idea to start on the entrance and then slowly work your way up towards the clitoris. Perform this movement a few times before moving on to the next step.

Tongue Technique

When she is warmed up and ready, then you should move on to the clitoris. Fluttering your tongue is usually the most effective technique. Remember that even though the clit is the most sensitive area in that area, there is still an abundance of nerve endings on the vaginal entrance. Experiment with different pressure points and parts of the vagina. Try to judge from her reactions what she is enjoying the most and then stick with that.

Going down on her shouldn’t feel difficult and should be done enjoying. By following these tips one can easily give her mind-blowing orgasms and she would be craving for you from then.