How often should a man ejaculate?

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If you are a man in your early 20s then there are chances that you might have ejaculated a few thousand times in your life at least and if you’re in the mid-20s or mid-30s you might be starting to ask the question  HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU EJACULATE? Is too much ejaculating has any downfalls to it? or if there are any benefits to ejaculating less? YES there is an answer to these questions and we are here to discuss in detail, so let’s get this started

There is something called Ideal Ejaculating Frequency(IEF) that everyone has their own specific Ideal ejaculating frequency.  IEF is gonna depend on your age, your physical activity level, what you do for your work and your overall status in life like if you’re on vacation or in the middle of a big project.

How often should one ejaculate for a healthy lifestyle?

There isn’t a universal answer for the number of times you should ejaculate to be healthy, as it varies for each individual. According to a study conducted by researchers from Boston University School of Public Health, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Harvard Medical School, all in the US it has been stated that ejaculating 21 times a month reduces the risk of having prostate cancer in men compared to men who ejaculate less frequently, but it just talks about the risk of prostate cancer but not overall prevention of cancer.

According to a study conducted it has been said that a person below the age of 35 needs 3 days to recover from one ejaculation and a person above the age of 35 needs 8 days to recover from ejaculation. So we would like you to observe your own frequency and evaluate yourself. 

We would suggest you experiment with your own frequency of ejaculation like try going 3 days of not ejaculating and ejaculate on the 4th and after the ejaculation, if you feel down or your levels of mental clarity are less sharp or if your motivation isn’t as much as before then try for going more days without ejaculating and see what’s that’s like and notice the impact on your system. You will reach a certain point where you would understand for yourself the ideal frequency of ejaculating. Exceeding the desired frequency of ejaculation can drain your energy.

Are ejaculation and masturbation one and the same?

NO, Masturbation is a type of Ejaculation process. Ejaculation can be done during intercourse or Masturbation or during wet dreams.

Disadvantages of Ejaculating too much?

Makes your body weak:

There are also studies which have claimed that ejaculating is making you weak by stealing the dopamine from your brain, So when you orgasm you experience a huge release of dopamine in your brain and following that release you experience a 2-week deficit of dopamine in your mind cause it takes that long for your brain to replenish healthy levels of dopamine. 

Ruins relationship with women:

We all know the feeling of disgust or being turned off or being uninterested in our partner after ejaculating during sex or after masturbation while watching porn. This kinda ruins your relationship with your partner as it sets a very unhealthy pattern to relationships at the subconscious level. There is a difference between this soothing type of love and the aggressive type of lust.

Loss of Motivation:

Orgasm is a kind of motivating factor behind every decision that we’re making subconsciously so if you are ejaculating on your own then your overall motivation in life decreases cause you’ve already achieved this feeling for yourself. This makes you less motivated to get out into the world and penetrate into the world, thus one becomes lazy too.

Benefits of Ejaculation

There are also benefits associated with ejaculation

Ejaculation can help you have better sleep:

According to a study conducted, Men who ejaculated had better sleep latency and quality of sleep.

Reduces stress:

Oxytocin hormone is released after orgasm and oxytocin are associated with lowering cortisol levels. Cortisol is the main stress hormone which is in higher levels in people who are stressed out. So by ejaculation, you release oxytocin and thereby decrease cortisol level which in turn reduces stress.

Boosts your immune system:

Ejaculation is found to stimulate the production of endocannabinoids which has positive effects on the immune system.

Helps with Chronic pain:

Researchers have shown that ejaculation can act as natural pain reliever Ejaculation helps pain relief for chronic pain and the pain associated with several conditions.

Lowers the risk of prostate cancer:

Men who ejaculated between 4 and 7 times a week between the ages of 20 and 29 were at a reduced risk of developing prostate cancer, according to Harvard Health Publishing


There is no fixed number of times that one should ejaculate per week or per month as it varies for each individual and there are a lot of benefits of ejaculation and also some disadvantages associated with frequent self-gratification.