What are her biggest concerns in the bedroom?

Hi guys, it’s your dating and lifestyle coach Annabella Rose. Welcome to another exciting video. I am so excited about today’s topic. Have you ever had that small pause in bed and wonder whether she’s also having fun? If you have had that thought, then trust your gut. She wasn’t having fun, and that’s why you noticed.

Bedroom game and intimacy is an essential part of the relationship. Bad game in bed is a deal-breaker for most women. It is the only time that I can get confused by what I am feeling and end up loving you more. However, it’s sad that most men learn the bed game from peers and silly stupid Hollywood movies. I will let you on a secret. What you see happening in movies, let it stay there. Don’t try those stuff on a woman before you are sure that she’s into it. We will look at what are her biggest concerns in the bedroom? When I say bedroom, I mean your intimacy and not the room. It’s not like I want you to redecorate your bedroom. Eliminating her concerns in the bedroom can help you have more exciting and fulfilling intimacy and the great bed game.

Do I look sexy naked?

Women are very self-conscious when it comes to their bodies. It boils down to self-esteem and how confident a woman feels about herself. However, this personal problem can have a significant effect on your sex life. We know that not all of us look like Victoria Secret’s models during sex. It makes most women wonder how you see them in the bedroom. “Does he still find me attractive now that I am naked? Wow, he’s touching my tummy. Is he trying to tell me something?” Affirming to your woman that she’s beautiful every time can help her boost her self-image. Also, some sex position can trigger an insecure feeling. Look for sex positions that can flirter your woman’s body. Make her feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, and you can get the best sex of your life.

I am not good in bed

During sex, each person has the need to satisfy the other person as they satisfy themselves. However, most women are not as daring and open as guys. That can be an issue to a woman with a rooted need to satisfy you. Men also send us nonverbal signals that show us when they are enjoying the sex or getting over and done with the ritual. When your signals are negative, the lack of confidence in the bedroom heightens. We know that most of us gauge our current sex experience with our ex. Women also wonder if your ex is better than them. Create an environment that she feels confident. Give her sexual power to take charge sometimes. By doing that, you’ll be building her bedroom confidence, and that can work wonders. Understand her sexual need and experience.

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