How to get rid of Man boobs?

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What are Man boobs?

Man boobs also known as Gynecomastia is a common medical condition where men’s breasts swell and look larger than usual. In this condition, there is the development of breast tissue and the deposition of fat around nipples. The nipple area will be sensitive and it hurts when you touch it. Gynecomastia is a real endocrine issue or hormonal issue that happens due to a bunch of reasons which we are gonna discuss today.

Do not confuse Gynecomastia with lower chest fat as Gynecomastia is a serious issue and lower chest fat isn’t. Lower chest fat is also known as PseudoGynecomastia where the fat is deposited just in the lower half of the chest.

Causes of Man boobs(Gynecomastia)

  • Hormone Imbalance:

Hormone imbalance is the main cause of Gynecomastia where there is an imbalance of sex hormones i.e the male hormone Testosterone and the female hormone Estrogen. If testosterone levels go up the body tries to compensate by increasing the level of estrogen and this increase in the levels of Estrogen results in the deposition of fat around nipples and causes Gynecomastia.

  • Steroid Abuse:

Steroid users are one of the sub bunches among men who have gynecomastia. Not all steroids prompt Gynecomastia, but rather they all have their consequences. Anadrol and Dianabol are large reasons for Gynecomastia, yet there are others. Estrogen goes about as the essential offender in the arrangement and the advancement of Gynecomastia.

  • Medication:

Around 20% of gynecomastia is caused by medications or exogenous chemicals. Gynecomastia can happen through medication especially in Chemotherapy and cancer treatment. Sometimes the cancer treatment messes up with the hormonal system and that leads to Gyno. Kidney failure is one of the medicinal conditions that can cause gynecomastia.

One of the traditional examples of a scientific condition that motives gynecomastia is Klinefelter Syndrome. This disorder is described by a chromosomal oddity with men having an extra X chromosome. Studies have demonstrated that men with this medicinal condition have gynecomastia as a typical side effect.

  • Alcohol Abuse:

Excess alcohol intake causes alterations in your hormone system by affecting liver functions which can lead to not only the formation of male breasts but also sexual infertility.

Alcohol reduces the testosterone levels in the body and if you are regular binge drinking alcohol it can be the reason for Gyno.

  • Aging:

In middle-aged men i.e 40-60 years of age, the testosterone levels decrease but the estrogen level relatively remains the same, so the slight imbalance in both the hormones might lead to Gynecomastia.

Treatment for Man boobs( Gynecomastia)

The treatment of Gynecomastia is not improved constantly. It relies on its period, severity, and whether it causes uneasiness.

 If medicines are the reason for gynecomastia, halting the medication can be effective in decreasing gynecomastia.

Medical ways to get rid of man boobs


Proper medication can be taken to adjust the imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. There no medications which are specifically approved for treating gynecomastia but certain medicines like 

  1. Tamoxifen
  2. Aromatase Inhibitors are used.

Breast Surgery 

Breast reduction surgery can be an option for getting rid of man boobs. Minimally invasive surgery is available and it may be associated with few complications and prompt recovery. Breast reduction surgery is only recommended if it doesn’t respond to normal medications.


Liposuction is fundamentally a surgical technique used for removing fat in the body. Liposuction can be used to remove fat in the breasts in men.

Liposuction is the best remedy as it is associated with few sequelae. In this technique, a limited cannula is embedded in breast tissue and used to vacuum fat tissue aіer that cannula pushed and pulled to break all adipocytes and suctioning them out. Нis method is known as suction-helped liposuction.

Natural ways to get rid of man boobs

Lose Weight 

The best way to get rid of man boobs is to lose weight naturally by eating a healthy balanced diet and working out regularly. You can’t just reduce fat in the chest area but you can reduce overall body fat simultaneously.

Cut down Alcohol

One of the most recommended ways to get rid of Gynecomastia is to cut down Alcohol as Alcohol intake produces a suppression of plasma testosterone. Cutting down Alcohol will gradually help you get rid of man boobs.

No Stress

I totally understand that this physical condition can be really embarrassing, however, it is not dangerous. So don’t feel stressed about it as stress increases the cortisol levels up and then decreases the testosterone levels and this makes things even worse. You can meditate and do yoga to be stress-free.

Healthy fats 

Eating healthy fats is one of the best ways to counter man boobs. A male should consume around 70 grams of healthy fats every day as healthy fats boost our testosterone levels. Nuts, seeds, and fish are some of the great options for healthy fats.

Exercises to get rid of Man boobs

The best and the ideal way to get rid of man boobs is to exercise regularly. Below are some of the best exercises to get rid of  Man boobs

  • Bench Press: 

The bench press is very effective in getting rid of man boobs as it targets the chest area effectively. Ideally, we would suggest 10-12 reps of 3 sets of bench press.

  • Declined dumbbell press/flies: 

Declined dumbbell press/flyes would target the lower chest thus reducing the fat in there. Ideally, we suggest 8-10 reps of 3 sets of this workout.

  • Push-ups:

This may be an oldie, but it’s a goodie that fitness pros still stand by. Ideally, we suggest you close grip push-ups. Push-ups are one of the best ways to get a great chest and core workout without using weights, so they can be done anywhere—plus there are no excuses not to do them. The close-grip push-ups will target the lower chest region and can reduce the fat there.

  • Cardio:

Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, is a movement that increases the heart and respiratory rate and increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body which eventually reduces the overall body fat.

So to conclude at the end that if you can maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly you can get rid of man boobs and also one can go with surgery as well if the medication doesn’t work out.