How Erectile Dysfunction (ED) affects relationships?

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common conditions men face. Although Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men over the age of 60, Men of all ages can be affected by ED. There are also a variety of causes behind it. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused due to both physical and physiological issues. There are often underlying health issues that are the root cause of the problem.

ED is one of the most devastating conditions for a man to face and it can be as difficult for the partner to cope up too. The loss of intimacy that comes from not being able to have intercourse can be detrimental to even the healthiest of marriages. ED deeply affects not only the individual but also their entire relationship.

Effect of Erectile dysfunction on relationship

  • Psychological effect: Erectile dysfunction can have a psychological effect on the individual and also can be a difficult subject to approach in any marriage, even an emotionally strong one. Often there is resentment and fear on both sides. Not knowing why this is happening is often the worst part for the man, because he will start to feel inadequate in some way and may lash out as a result.
  • Frustration: Some men feel so low that they blame their wife for the lack of motivation to get an erection. This then leads to feelings of frustration from both sides, of course, and a once-healthy marriage will be on the rocks before you know it.

At any moment when he suffers from erectile dysfunction, one will find himself getting frustrated and annoyed. This rage and frustration can be aimed at someone and all, almost anywhere and everywhere, at home, on the road, in the workplace!

  • End of relationship: Unfortunately, it could even mean the end of a relationship for you if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. If your partner loves to have sex, and your partner may leave you as you are unable to give her the sex expected. Sad as this might be if you suffer from ED, that is the reality and one of the concerns you may have to face.
  • Premature ejaculation: You would literally be in a sexless relationship with your partner. This is because even if you do manage to get an erection, you would find it hard to keep it up for more than a minute, to ensure that you and your partner can have satiating sex. Also, you would ejaculate very fast, in less than a minute, making it impossible for you and your partner to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.

How to approach this condition?

Recognizing that there is a problem is the first step to dealing with it. You may find going to a licensed therapist is the best way to get all those feelings out in the open and to work through them.

The next thing to do for this condition is to get a diagnosis done as getting a diagnosis will not only give you peace of mind as to what is causing the ED and treatment options, but it is also often the catalyst that begins the discussion between husband and wife.

After the diagnosis is done, your doctor will go through the treatment options with you. This will include a long-term commitment to food and lifestyle improvement. In order to manage your underlying condition, your doctor can advise you to eat healthily, get fit, stop smoking and drinking. You may need to change the medication you are currently taking, which will involve a period of adjustment. The other treatment you will probably be offered, provided your health is not going to be negatively impacted, is a prescription of something such as viagra.

It is advisable to resolve this with your partner, whatever your treatment choices are. You may not be able to produce an erection immediately, even with a medication such as viagra, and it is good to face the dilemma together to help you both understand the procedure.

The feelings that you have surrounding ED are all valid. You both may feel disappointed, frustrated, or inadequate. It is perfectly normal to have these feelings and to understand that this may have an impact on your self-esteem.

For the man in the relationship, those feelings are often coupled with guilt, shame and feeling emasculated. This is the time to talk to your wife about how you feel, you may be surprised to learn that she is experiencing very similar feelings.

Your wife may be feeling that you are no longer interested in her, that she is somehow to blame. It is important to recognize that the feelings of disappointment and frustration are on both sides, if for different reasons.

How can a partner help with erectile dysfunction?

It has been reported that many couples find that counseling did help them with their loving relationship when erectile dysfunction is a problem. It will also support them with other difficulties in their relationship that have been taking place. The secret to a long and stable relationship between them could be studying successful communication strategies.

The secret here is communication. It takes close attention to our senses – physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual – to sustain a safe, happy sex life. The person has to have the confidence and self-assurance, even in the face of potential rejection, to express their wishes to their partner. Consequently, she will be able to continue to feel good about herself and subsequently, adequately support her mate.

Finally, make time for each other, there is more to a successful marriage than just an active sex life. Do things together as a couple. Go on dates, enroll in classes together or just enjoy walks in the countryside.

Whatever you do to re-establish that emotional connection will only strengthen the results in the bedroom when you both feel ready to try again.


Even though Erectile dysfunction can be a very problematic condition it is quite treatable and  When a couple is faced with the issue of erectile dysfunction it doesn’t have to be the end of their relationship. They can use this opportunity to be supportive of each other. They can work together to overcome the problem as it is going to affect both of them. Some couples find that working through this subject actually makes their relationship better overall. They learn to appreciate each other in ways that they had taken for granted over time. Getting back to the basics of their relationship often helps two people discover how much they really care for each other.

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