58 Easy and Beginner's Sex Position

Trying new sex positions would be great sometimes but not most often. So most of the couples require easy sex positions for daily sex.

Here are the easy and beginner’s sex positions for daily sex.

1. The Rocking Horse

For this position, the man sits with his legs crossed. The woman sits on it – they face each other. The man can lean on a wall to rest his arms or take the time to caress his partner.

The Rocking Horse Sex Position

2. The Great X

The man lies on the bed with his legs slightly apart. The woman sits on him, with her back turned. Then she extends her legs back towards his shoulders, her upper body leaning to the side of her partner’s feet. Ready? The woman leans on the man’s legs and moves at the pace she wants.

The Great X Sex Position

3. The Nirvana

The woman lies down with her legs stretched out and her arms above her head. The man lies in it.

The Nirvana Sex Position

4. The Sandwich Maker

In this position, the man lies down and his partner stands over him, with his legs slightly apart. He starts to move smoothly – but note that the control is the women.

The Sandwich Maker Sex Position

5. The Octopus

She lies down and puts one leg on her partner’s shoulder. The man kneels in front of her. He keeps his hands free to massage his partner’s breasts.

The Octopus Sex Position

6. The Spoon

The man and the woman lying in a spoon position. So he can caress her breasts. Recommended for pregnant women.

The Spoon Sex Position
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7. The Butterfly Union

The man lies down with his legs closed. The woman sits on him and leans back to balance herself with her hands. It determines the rhythm of the movements. With her hands-free, her partner can please her by stroking her clitoris.

The Butterfly Union Sex Postion

8. Position 99

Lying on his side, the man grabs his partner from behind. The woman squeezes it with her legs. While he stimulates the partner’s clitoris, she reciprocates by stroking his penis.

Position 99 Sex Position

9.The Crab Union

The man lies on his back and the woman fits him. She rests on her elbows and knees bent. The man, who holds the woman by the waist, penetrates his partner with gentle movements. The woman helps by moving her hips.

The Crab Union Sex Position

10. The Balance

The man lies down and his partner sits on him, turned on his back. The woman takes dance.

The Balance Sex Position

11. The Drunken Boat

The woman lying on her back brings her knees towards the bust and raises her feet. The man, kneeling, can penetrate it. In this position, the woman can caress her partner’s testicles.

The Drunken Boat Sex Position

12. The Victoria

‘Victoria’ is a very romantic position: the woman lies on her back with her legs bent. The man slides between his knees and slightly raises his hips to penetrate. He kisses your belly …

The Victoria Sex Position

13. The 69 Winner

The man lies on his side. The woman is nestled beside him, but in reverse: her head is down, very close to his thighs, which are spread apart. She passes her breasts against his body and his thighs. The man can then penetrate it by placing his finger on his partner’s anus.

The 69 Winner Sex Position

14. The Classical

The woman lies on her back, legs apart. The man stands on it. This position is stimulating and relaxing at the same time. The partners can kiss and look at each other.

The Classical Sex Position

15. The Union of Elephant

The two kneel facing each other. The man places his leg between hers and penetrates her.

In this position, several intimate caresses are possible.

The Union of Elephant Sex Postion

16. The Cross of Fire

The woman lies on her back, with one leg straight and the other bent. The man is seated, straddling her stretched thigh. He remains balanced by holding his partner’s thigh.

The Cross of Fire Sex Position
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17. The Reclining Chair

The man sits and rests on his hands. The woman sits comfortably on a pillow while placing her legs on his shoulders.

It then moves from front to back.

The Reclining Chair Sex Position

18. The Lotus Position

The woman lies on her back and flexes her legs, while the man stands between them and penetrates her from above. Thus, the woman must not support the weight of the partner, so it is recommended that he support the weight in his arms. This position can become even more fun when the man places a pillow under her butt, to change the angle of penetration. Another advantage: hands are free to enjoy their own erogenous zones.

The Lotus position sex position

19. The Magic Mountain

First of all, stack some pillows on the floor. The woman will support her upper body on this mountain, while the man will fit in from behind.

The Magic Mountain Sex Position

20. Ammunition

Lying on her back, the woman brings her legs up. Kneeling, the man penetrates her.

In this position, the G-point is stimulated more strongly. The man must press the partner’s knees in order to increase the intensity of the pleasure.

Ammunition sex position

21. The Love propeller or the helicopter

In this position, the man lies on the woman, with his head turned to her feet.

The propeller of love is also called a helicopter – let your imagination guide you through this 360-degree turn.

The Love Propeller or the helicopter Sex Position

22. The Buggy

She lies on her back, legs stretched out.

He kneels before her and spreads his legs, puts his head between them, holding his hips at the same time.

She clings to her partner to take advantage of the rocking motion.

In this position, the two have eye contact and can use their hands to caress.

The Buggy Sex Position

23. The Act of Return

Turning her back on her partner, the woman leans over a padded armchair or chair.

The man presses against her from behind and can move his hand between her partner’s legs, slightly apart, and even caress her clitoris.

The Act of Return Sex Position

24. The Loop

The man lies on his back. The woman sits on it. Helped by her, the man raises his torso, while the woman ties his waist around her legs, and vice versa.

The two partners are face to face and can hook their arms and kiss.

The Loop Sex Position

25. The Butterfly

The man kneels on the bed with his legs spread wide in front of his partner. He raises her legs slightly and holds them at the heels or thighs.

This position is extremely exciting for both.

The Butterfly sex position

26. The Star

The woman lies on her back, with one leg bent and the other stretched out, on which the man is going to mount. Then he pushes his own leg under her butt and settles down, supporting his hands.

The Star Sex Position

27. The Greyhound

She, in four supports; he, kneeling behind – this is how this position, a favorite of the Kama Sutra, works.

Tip: avoid places with a very hard floor, so that your knees are not flayed afterward.

The Greyhound Sex Position
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28. The Arc of Triumph

The man sits with his legs stretched out on the bed. The woman sits on his lap, facing him. After finding a comfortable position, she leans back between his legs.

Then the man leans forward and the fun begins.

The Arc of Triumph sex position

29. The Lost Rider or The Amazon

The man lies on his back; she sits on it, facing her partner’s feet, and moves from front to back.

In this position, the woman can caress the clitoris.

The Last Rider or the amazon Sex Position

30. Point 8

Lying on her back, the woman may eventually place a pillow under her butt. He is on top of her, arms outstretched.

The number 8, symbol of infinity … and laziness!

Point 8 Sex Position

31. The Best Hug

The man kneels on the bed; she lies on her back, facing him, lifting her butt and grabbing her partner with her legs.

The Best Hug Sex Position

32. The Truce

He lies on his side, perpendicular to his partner; she lies down too, but on her back.

Hands are completely free in this position!

The Truce Sex Position

33. The Oyster

The woman lies down, knees bent. The man kneels in front of her and moves his legs to the side.

The Oyster Sex Position

34. The Fork

The man and the woman lie down perpendicularly. Your legs are streaky.

The Fork Sex Position

35. The Eagle

The woman lies on her back and spreads her legs. The man stretches over her and penetrates her. They keep their hands free for caresses.

The Eagle Sex Position

36. Keeping an Eye on the Rear

The two partners are standing, she turns her back …

Keeping an Eye on the Rear Sex Position

37. The Infernal Horse

The man lies on his back, with both legs flexed. She sits on him, turning on her back.

The Infernal Horse Sex Position

38. Indra’s position

She lies on her back, knees bent, and toward her chest. He kneels in front of her and puts his hands under her butt.

The woman’s legs pass under his armpits.

Indra's Position Sex Position

39. The Right Angle

The woman lies on her back and the man, facing her, can caress her breasts.

This position can be performed on a table.

The Right Angle Sex Position

40. Up in the Air

The woman lies on her back and stretches her legs up. The man kneels in front of her and pushes his legs to the side.

Up in the Air Sex Position

41. Crisscross

The man lies on his back with his legs slightly spread. She sits on it and leans back with her arms.

Crisscross Sex Position

42. Face to face

The two are lying on their sides, facing each other. She holds it between her legs.

Face to Face Sex Position

43. The Union of Eagle

This position offers a relaxing time for both partners. Both are on their side, so they can look at each other.

She places her leg on his hip.

The Union of Eagle Sex Position

44. The Goddess

The man sits on the floor or on a harder bed, with one leg straight, while the other is slightly bent so that he can keep his balance. The woman sits on it.

The Goddess Sex Position

45. The Tarantula

The man leans on his hands, legs stretched out. The woman sits across from him.

The Tarantula Sex Position

46. The Proud Queen

The man is lying down and the woman is riding him, turning on his back. He puts his hands on her butt to guide her. A woman can increase a man’s arousal by caressing his testicles.

The Proud Queen Sex Position

47. The Cocktail

Standing, the man presses his penis against his partner. If the excitement increases, it can penetrate it. However, there will be no deep penetration with this position, which often requires the woman to tiptoe or put on heels.

The Cocktail Sex Position

48. The Wolf

The man and the woman are standing. She turns her back to him, who holds her hands, keeping her arms straight. She can lean on a table to balance herself.

The Wolf Sex Positions

49. The Lateral

The woman lies on the bed, on her side, forming an L with her body – legs stretched out, at a right angle, with the torso. He places himself behind her, in a sort of scoop position.

The Lateral Sex Position

50. The Accurate Shot

The man sits on the floor, with his legs slightly bent. The woman sits on his lap, her back to him.

She leans forward, and her partner follows.

This position requires a degree of flexibility for the couple.

The Accurate Shot Sex Position

51. The Cult

The woman is on four supports and rests on her forearm. He stays behind.

Deep penetration stimulates the inner area of ​​the vagina and the G-spot in women. The man can also caress his partner’s breasts and clitoris.

The Cult Sex Position

52. The Boat Trip

The man lies on his back. The woman sits on it, sideways. And it sets the pace.

The Boat Trip Sex Position

53. The Trap

The man kneels with one leg slightly tilted to the side. The woman leans on her forearms, goes towards her partner’s penis, and gives the rhythm of penetration.

With his free hand, the man can caress her breasts and butt. It is advisable that this position is done on a rug, but not necessarily on the bed.

The Trap Sex Position

54. Dedication

The woman is lying down and the man slides between her spread legs and raises her hips.

He leans forward and can kiss and caress her belly.

He determines the rhythm of the movement, while the woman offers herself, completely relaxed.

Dedication Sex Position

55. The Candle

The woman is lying on her back, legs up.

The man kneels in front of her.

To get more support, the partner can hold the man’s thighs.

The Candle Sex Position

56. The Base Position

The man lies down with his legs spread, the woman stands on him, with her thighs closed. Thus, she passes her breasts against her partner’s body.

The Base Position Sex Position

57. The Lotus Flower

The man sits cross-legged on the bed. The woman positions herself on his lap.

It sets the pace.

The Lotus Flower Sex Position

58. OL

In this Kama Sutra position, the man sits with his legs stretched out, on the bed, on the floor or elsewhere. The woman is on her stomach and facing away from him. Her legs are pulled back.

Then it moves slowly from top to bottom. She uses the man’s feet to balance and slide.

OL Sex Position
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