Drinking Water Improves Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by many different reasons and one of them is dehydration. It can reduce blood volume and affect mood, so a person may find that drinking water can help with maintaining an erection.

In this article let us discuss how dehydration is related to Erectile Dysfunction(ED) and whether your Erectile Dysfunction is due to Dehydration?

Dehydration linked to Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Water is a key component of the human body and low water levels can affect a person physiologically and mentally which in turn influences a temporary Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

There are many elements that need to function for a man to get an erection:

  1. sexual arousal, or the messages sent to the brain that stimulate blood flow to the penis.
  2. increased blood flows into two chambers in the penis called the corpus cavernosum that leads to the penis swelling and becoming erect.
  1. when a man achieves ejaculation, the blood leaves the chambers, and the erection goes away.

So when a man is dehydrated it will affect the amount of blood in his body which causes the blood vessels to constrict. If there is not enough blood flow to keep blood vessels taught then blood flow will weaken to all parts of the body including Penis.

There are other studies that have linked dehydration to Erectile Dysfunction which have revealed some interesting facts:

When a man is dehydrated, his body starts releasing an enzyme called angiotensin I, which causes the blood vessels to constrict. This, in turn, has a negative effect on the erection.

In addition one’s mood is also associated with dehydration.

Studies have shown that dehydration can cause impaired memory, tension, and anxiety in men. Because the mental state of a man can effect his sex drive this can lead to Erectile Dysfunction(ED). According to the American Academy of Family Physicians stress, anxiety, depression, and nervousness can all contribute to Erectile Dysfunction(ED). Therefore, it is possible that the mood changes associated with dehydration can lead to Erectile Dysfunction(ED).

Water is one of the key components of the body, So dehydration can cause many health problems.

Drinking sufficient water can make you stay healthy and active in your daily life which in turn improves your Erectile Dysfunction(ED).


Dehydration is a temporary condition that is not a sole contributor to Long-term Erectile Dysfunction. But drinking water certainly improves your health and in turn Erectile Dysfunction. So if you are consistently having trouble getting or maintaining an erection, it is surely not because of dehydration and you need to have a consultation with a doctor. 

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