Do Girls want Sex?

Hi guys this is the one and only expert dating coach Annabella Rose here from kamalifestyles and I am back with yet another video. Today I will be trying to answer a question that I have received from many men on my email. Do girls want sex? Most of you do not seem to think that women want sex let alone being interested in enjoying it. To try and give you a somewhat comprehensive answer to this question, I am going to take you through sex in the eyes of a woman, and hopefully, you will understand us better as far as sex is concerned. Without saying much, let me dive right in.

Well, it is clear that men and women are different both biologically and physiologically and that is why we express ourselves differently as far as our sexualities are concerned. For most women, sex is the purest and ultimate form of connection and love. More than you would think, women are sexually oriented though to a different degree than men, but they still are; though male orgasms may be quicker female climaxes are more powerful and last longer. Females are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms something that men can never get to encounter. It is therefore clear that sex is equally important to us and that the only difference is how we express ourselves sexually. To understand women and sex more, let us look at how women view sex that is entirely different from the way men do.

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