Do Girls want sex?

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Do girls want sex? This is one of the most asked questions in the forum and we are here to help you out with it.  Most of you don’t seem to think that women want sex let alone being interested and enjoying it. We will try and give you a somewhat comprehensive answer to this question

I’m going to take you through sex in the eyes of a woman and hopefully, you will understand them a little bit better and as far as sex is concerned. Without saying much let me dive right in.

Well, it’s clear that men and women are different both biologically and physiologically and that is why women express themselves differently as far as their sexuality is concerned. For most women, sex is the purest and most ultimate form of connection love. More than you would think women are sexually-orientated, Though it is to a different degree than men they still are. 

Though male orgasms may be quicker than a female climax and more powerful and last longer. Females are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms something that men. Therefore clear that sex is equally as important to them and the only difference is how they express themselves sexually. Now to understand women and sex more let us look at how women view sex that is entirely different from the way that men do.

For women sex starts in the mind now it is the most significant difference between males and females. The perception of sex as a man you might get frustrated that she doesn’t long for and crave it at a physical level as much as you do now it’s essential to the understanding that though hormones play a significant role in arousal for both of you, Her physiology is entirely different from yours as far hormones are concerned and therefore are given a hormone bullet differently with your body. For example, testosterone is responsible for causing sexual desire in both of you but while the excitement generated in males could be as loud as an explosion the desire caused in females by the same hormone it’s like a whisper for women.

Sex is more of a mental encounter than it is physical

Remembering imagining and fantasizing about some hot sex positions with your lover is what makes Their engines revving, such as wide sharing infatuation and bliss stages of their relationship their sexual appetites are at their highest and arousal is fast and easy. It’s because they are always thinking about you and being new lovers, sex is about being desired by an attractive male in whom they are interested. Their ultimate orgasm is the thought of being wanted by a handsome man which can cause small waves of excitement in some women, while it can cause a great deal of excitement and elicit a stream of sexual thoughts in others just by the idea that their man is hungry for them and desiring them.

 It is why most women have high expectations of constant romance that reminds her that her sexual desirability is right up there even after marriage number three. It’s a mixed bag, yes you heard that right women love and desire sex however this desire risks derailment by stress, anxiety, fatigue, resentment, and other physiological issues such as maybe menopause or at whatever stage they are in their menstrual cycle, the only real work women have to do in the reproductive process is to turn off their inner additions and just enjoy sexual activity.

 As a result of these factors most women go to bed hoping to have a good time and experience but not explicitly craving sex until they reach their full arousal even with arousal and stimulation getting to the ultimate climax is more often than not a bumpy ride it may take up to 45 minutes to get an orgasm and even then it’s not guaranteed. With men it is however vital for desire it’s the reason why you will see women preparing an exact and tried out routine position and as their higher insurance rates to get her pleasured and relaxed for its an expectation of love for women sexist part of the whole and not just single defining aspect.

Part of working together, loving each other hanging out, and feeling appreciated managing a family and a home all of which to the woman are components of lovemaking.  Therefore For them, it is usually a result of the warmth they feel for their relationships but is not the cause and the source of heat.

Sex is her way of giving love

 Honestly, there are times that a woman will not feel like having sex completely but seeing her low as need to have sex she may offer herself to him as a form of love even when she’s not really inclined to do it. It might be frustrating for her when her lover demands that she has to do it and maybe in that very very moment what they don’t realize is that as a woman they derive immense pleasure from engaging in the sexual experience even without an orgasm.

From the previously mention insights of sex through a woman’s eyes, I believe that as men you can better understand that with women many factors come into play when sex is concerned. The bottom line is however that women want to desire sex too rather than a good degree chance.