BLUE BALLS(Epididymal Hypertension)

Blue Balls? What are Blue Balls? What are the symptoms, causes, and effects of Blue Balls? There is so much going around Blue Balls with a lot of questions in men’s brains. This article is going to answer all the questions you have and reveal some facts busting myths that are around Blue Balls.

What is blue balls?

Blue ball’s is a common phenomenon known as Epididymal Hypertension where you feel discomfort or pain in your testicular area during erection for a prolonged time without ejaculating.

Symptoms of Blue Balls(Epididymal Hypertension)

  • Aching pain in the testicular region
  • Heaviness in the scrotum
  • A faint blue tint on your balls
  • Tenderness
  • Discomfort or pain in testicles

Causes of Blue balls

The main cause of Epididymal hypertension is due to long sexual stimulation or arousal condition in which the penis stays erect, but without orgasm or ejaculation to occur.

When a male is sexually excited, the arteries of his genitals enlarge while the veins shrink. This means that more blood reaches the area through arteries while only a little of it is allowed to escape through veins. This increased blood flow builds up pressure which results in an erection. Usually, when the male ejaculates on reaching an orgasm, the pressure and the blood flow subsequently returns to normal.

However, if the aroused state is prolonged or there is a failure to reach an orgasm, the increased pressure can cause congestion of blood vessels leading to the sensation of pain and heaviness in balls or testicles which causes Epididymal hypertension.

Treatment of Epididymal Hypertension

Medical Treatment

To be honest there is no exact medication for Epididymal hypertension as the medical condition is not well researched. Fortunately, this condition doesn’t last long, as the pain and discomfort is generally mild.

Natural Treatment

  • Ejaculate: The easiest way to treat blue balls is to get the juice out i.e ejaculate as once the blood flow is restored, the symptoms will subside gradually. 
  • Get rid of the boner: Getting the boner off is one of the best ways to counter blue balls. Once the boner is gone, the pressure build-up subsides and the pain goes away. That doesn’t mean that relief will be instantaneous. The pressure can cause a lasting ache that will hurt up to a couple of hours after you get rid of your boner.

Cold Showers: In case if you don’t wanna ejaculate or can’t get rid of that boner then taking a cold shower is the solution for it. Coldwater is great in diminishing hard penises. Within minutes your entire body temperature can drop a few degrees.

A cold shower often kills the throbbing faster than just thinking away from the boner as Cold showers get you results instantly.

Distract your mind from sex: This is the classic way to counter blue balls as you can control your boner mentally and have some control over your mind. You can also try exercising so that you get distracted from being aroused.

Exercise will divert blood to other major muscle groups instead of genitals.

Myths about Blue balls

  • Dangerous: Blue balls condition is not as dangerous as one thinks of it, It’s just a mild discomfort or pain in your testicles.
  • Impotency: Blue ball’s condition doesn’t affect your potency as it’s a totally different thing.
  • Sex drive: It doesn’t affect your sex drive or libido. Epididymal hypertension is a common condition and you need not worry much about it as it can be treated easily.
  • They always look blue: Any bluish hue that results from blue balls is usually subtle and may not happen at all.
  • It happens only to men: NO, Though this phenomenon hasn’t been described by researchers, it appears that women can get “blue vulva” from sexual frustration as well — during sexual arousal, increased blood flow makes the vulva and clitoris swell slightly. When the blood is trapped for too long by extended arousal without sexual release, discomfort or pain could result.

FAQs about Epididymal Hypertension

  • How long does Blue Balls or Epididymal Hypertension last?

Epididymal Hypertension doesn’t last too long. It can last up to 6 weeks if left untreated. Blue balls suck but you should be aware that they are completely harmless.

  • What happens if Epididymal Hypertension is left untreated?

If left untreated, epididymitis may cause an abscess, also known as a puss pocket, on the scrotum or even destroy the epididymis, which can lead to infertility. As with any infection left untreated, epididymitis may spread into another body system and, in rare cases, even cause death.

  • Can NoFap cause Epididymal Hypertension?

Nofap doesn’t necessarily cause blue balls; it’s just that you shouldn’t be sexually aroused or have a boner for a prolonged period of time without ejaculating. 

  • Will Blue Balls or Epididymal Hypertension go away without treatment?

Blue balls do not go away without treatment as long as you keep doing the same stuff as having a prolonged boner without ejaculating. Once you ejaculate through masturbation or having sex then you can get rid of it. It wouldn’t last long usually.

  • Is Vasectomy a risk factor for Epididymal Hypertension or Blue Balls?

No, Vasectomy does not cause Epididymal hypertension. The testicles continue to make sperm and with time, absorb the old sperm back into the body.

  • Can Blue Balls or Epididymal hypertension cause back pain?

Blue balls don’t necessarily cause back pain but in case if you feel pain in the lower back we would suggest you go see a doctor as it can be a bigger problem like Testicular cancer.

  • Will there be a lump for Epididymal Hypertension?

You might notice a small lump or enlargement in either testicle.

  • What is the ICD 10 code for Epididymal Hypertension?

N45. 1 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.

So to conclude we can say that blue balls is not at all a dangerous condition and it can be easily treated but following the necessary tips. Blue balls or Epididymal hypertension is a completely harmless condition that you can get rid of naturally.

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