What is men’s Prostate? Best Foods and diet for healthy prostate

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What is a man’s prostate?

The prostate in men is a small, rubbery gland about the size of a ping-pong ball, located deep inside the groin. It is in between the base of the penis and the rectum. It is a gland that is located in the lower abdominal cavity, just below the bladder, in front of the rectum, and behind the pubic bone. It partially surrounds the urethra.  The urethra is the channel that carries urine to the penis from the bladder and it runs right through the prostate.

The prostate is one of the most important segments of the male reproductive system as its primary function is the production of seminal fluid that nourishes the sperm. Sperm passes to the prostate by traveling through the vas deferens, tubes originating from the testes. The semen, a mixture of seminal fluid and sperm, is ejaculated during orgasm through a connection to the urethra called the ejaculatory ducts.

Where is the men’s prostate located?

The prostate is located directly below the bladder and above the muscles of the pelvic floor. The rectum is behind the prostate, making it possible to feel the gland from the rectum using the finger. The ducts in the prostate gland flow into the urethra, which passes through the prostate.

What does a man’s prostate do?

The most important function of the prostate is the production of a fluid which makes up semen, together with sperm cells from the testicles and fluids from other glands. The prostate muscles also ensure that the semen is pressed into the urethra forcefully and then expelled outwards during ejaculation.

The prostate also helps to pump semen through the penis, which is why the prostate is well known in medical science as an essential muscle of the male body. In order for semen to enter the vagina, the prostate uses a lot of force to perform this task; the reality is that sperm needs to move at a higher velocity so that it can easily reach the cervix, so the strength of the prostate gland is really crucial.

The prostate gland in males works like their G-spot and it is possible to improve your sexual response with prostate stimulation. This is one of the most interesting functions of the male prostate gland.

Food and diet for better prostate health


Beans are a perfect source of protein and complex fibers that are important to the function of the prostate. Although limiting red meat protein, it is important to increase this kind of protein source. In fact, a red meat diet plan plays a role in central disease, colon cancer, and prostate tumor.


Mushrooms are one of the most nutritious, particularly those within Asia when compared with other countries. The mushroom contains lentinan and a few L-ergothioneine. In a recent study conducted it has been concluded that eating mushrooms everyday reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It is an effective anticancer eliminating agent and is an excellent antioxidant source.


Cayenne is  also called as cayenne pepper or chili peppers (Capsicum annum), they are hot and spicy. It includes capsaicin to lessen the development and the final loss of life of the tumorous cells. It helps reduce the growth of cancer in the body. If peppers aren’t your spice of life, you can also try using cayenne as a supplement.


Turmeric is abundant with antioxidants that help combat harmful free radicals; they also help to boost human capacity for disease-fighting. One of the most appreciated antioxidants found in it is probably curcumin. It’s really an all-natural carotenoid and polyphenol that might be isolated from turmeric. Curcuma has been shown to come with an anti-carcinogenic and antibacterial property drug in many studies. According to research, in prostate cancers, curcumin overcomes your time and effort.

Pumpkin Seeds:

Pumpkin seeds are the best organic remedy for men who have prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) problems, as pumpkin seeds contain omega-3 essential fatty acids and carotenoids that help reduce the growth of the condition.


In salmon, the omega-3 essential fatty acids have their maximum content, which is effective for male prostate problems. It decreases the development of cancer cells further and it is recommended to eat twice a week.


One of the most delicious snack-time recipes is guacamole, that is made from avocados. And even better yet, avocados help reduce BPH-related painful symptoms. They contain good nutrients and fats that are beneficial to the health of men in general.

Avocados have beta-sitosterol, which helps urinary flow, decreases inflammation of the prostate, and strengthens the immune system. Never feel guilty about eating guacamole again.