27 Crazy sex positions to try

 Most of the couples try 3 – 4 sex positions and most of them do sex only in missionary or doggy style. But trying out new sex positions help in improving sex life and increases interest in sex in both the partners. 

Here are some of the crazy sex positions to try

1. The Sexy V

This position requires acrobatic skills. The woman sits on the edge of a table and then places her legs on her partner’s shoulders. He steadies himself by contracting his butt.

2. Rocking Horse

For this position, the man sits with his legs crossed. The woman sits on it – they are facing each other. The man can lean on a wall to rest his arms or take the time to caress his partner.

3. Streaky

This position is more complicated than it looks. At first, the man and the woman are on the side. Then she embraces his torso with her legs. To maintain balance, he helps her with both hands. The partner wraps her legs around her waist, holding on to her thighs, and moves slowly up and down.

4. The Padlock

The woman climbs on a firm piece of furniture (it can be a desk or a washing machine, for example). The essential thing is that she is sitting on the edge, using her hands as supports. It wraps tightly around your partner’s waist.

5. The Monkey

The man lies down and pulls his knees towards his chest. She sits on it, with her back turned. The woman needs a lot of strength (to help, hold the cat’s hands).

6. The Rose Bed

The man is lying on his back, with his knees bent in his own direction and apart. The woman sits on him while he holds her around the waist. In this position, man is the one who sets the pace of movement. The woman can caress the base of the stem – a very erogenous area.

7. Small Bridge

The man makes a bridge. She sits on it and moves her hips gently from front to back. The size and weight of the couple’s body must be compatible – the cat must support the weight of the partner in a good way so that no one gets hurt. This position requires flexibility.

8. The Frog

The man sits on the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. The woman sits on him, turning her back on her partner so that his penis can penetrate her. He leads his partner by holding her thighs and can also caress her breasts and clitoris.

9. The Great Bear

The woman lies face down on the bed. She rests on her elbows. The man raises his legs to penetrate her.

10. The Union Elephant

The two kneel facing each other. The man places his leg between hers and penetrates her.

In this position, several intimate caresses are possible.

11. The Vine

The two are face to face. She places one leg on his shoulder and holds it around his neck.

12. The Vigorous President

The woman stands on the bed or the chair, the man positions himself behind her, so that his chest touches his partner’s back.

She bends her knees and he grabs her by the butt.

13. The Tightrope Walker

Standing, the man raises his partner perpendicular to him, while she rests with one hand on the floor.

The only drawback to this position is that the man must be strong to execute it, but the effort is worth it!

14. The Amazon

The man is sitting comfortably in a chair; the woman sits on it. As she moves from front to back, he can caress her breasts. A very stimulating position.

15. The G-Force

She lies on her back and brings her knees close to her chest. He kneels in front of her, holds her feet, they can penetrate her.

It is he who gives the rhythm and depth of penetration.

16. The Challenge

The woman is standing on a chair, her body leaning forward and her elbows on her knees.

He, from behind, determines the rhythm of the movements back and forth.

Those who meet the challenge to the end, gain extra pleasure.

17. The Hot Meeting

The man sits on a chair, with the woman on his lap.

18. The Passionate Pretzel

The two partners kneel facing each other. Then they put one leg on the left side of the other.

Thus, they move smoothly from front to back.

19. The Wheel Barrow

The woman leans on her forearms and raises her legs, which her partner, kneeling behind, holds.

This position is tiring, so it will be temporary. Think about what might come next!

20. The Wheelbarrow 2

Sort of like the wheelbarrow position, the man holds his partner by the hip.

21. Instead

The man sits on a chair. She leans back on him, holding on to her partner. The man penetrates his partner by caressing her breasts.

This position requires a lot of agility.

22. One Chair for Two

The man is sitting quietly in a chair. His partner rides on his lap, then she raises her legs to place them on his shoulders. He holds the woman by the hips.

23. The Burning Candle

The woman leaves her head and shoulders touching, while her partner holds her legs in the air. For added support, he can hold her thighs.

24. The Scissors

For this position, women who have strength in the arm have the advantage.

The man lifts his partner’s waist, leaving her left leg between his and lifting his right. Now, he penetrates her while she is suspended.

The woman’s blood flows faster in this direction: guaranteed explosive orgasm!

25. OY

The woman stands with her head down and her elbows on the floor. The man lies down on his partner, with her legs between his, forming a Y.

26. The Stair Case

The woman kneels on a ladder, the man stands behind her. If the two partners want, they can go up the steps during sex.

27. The Contortionist

The man lies on the bed, head down. The woman sits on it.

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